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word challenge

Me and Mamma had started this word-a-day challenge, that she’d give me one word a day. It can be any interesting word, and i have to write a story around that word. It can be a story, something that happened in my everyday life—anything. It went amazing till the first two days, but then it stopped. Though i’d really like to resume it. By doing that, I was able to learn many words and actually—like my Mamma said, I used those words in my blog posts, too.

Well, see, I read many books—many times i finish 3 – 4 books in a day. And I learn many new words. But I’ve figured, that I don’t really remember the words I find in book in a way with this exercise. When i learn’t the word ‘Inimitable’ in this exsersize, the very next day i used it in a blog post. And now, i feel i will not forget this word my whole life! This word has already registered in my mind, and I use it many ways. I feel that i should continue this exercise with Mamma.

Meanwhile, these are the words i got:

  • Inimitable – Meaning  – Something unique, someone very different. Example – The way Sufiana walks is imitable – cannot be copied
  • Jeopardize – Meaning –  Something that is ruined. Example – My birthday is jeopardized!

And here is the story i weaved around those words.


Once, there was a Zebra. His name was Robin. He lived in the Serengeti, with it’s other family and friends, the buffaloes, birds, egrets, elephants, and monkeys. It had beautiful black and white stripes that everyone loved—he was greatly admired by everyone. He had the same looks, the same stripes, the same face, the same bulky stomach, zebra’s have. But all other zebras from his families and clan, would be always be stressed about whether a predator would be stalking by. But Robin, would stay carm, eating peacefully in the grass, without fearing a predator. He was inimitable. 

When a lion, or any other animal came to gobble him up, he would fearlessly stop. And make the animal carm down. And guess what? He spoke kind words, that made the animal don’t eat he–his friends—or his family at all. Now, if there was a normal zebra, who would come and talk to a LION, the king of the jungle, the most ferocious, do you ever think the lions would agree? They would rip them even harder apart, and eat their flesh. And, none expect this particular Zebra we were talking about, had the guts to come by at a lion.

And there was something—something about this Zebra, that made the lions agree. The vibes that came from this Zebra, were different. Much different than any normal Zebra.

But no—this zebra, wasn’t always going to protect. He was so kind, that he made the lion come and eat a Zebra, that Robin himself suggested!

Sometimes, when the lion came, Robin would offer his life. But his family, friends, and clan, and not only them but the whole Serengeti loved him so much—they offered THEIR life instead. And Robin, who was ready to go down the lions stomach, never went thorough. And so, Robin always remained special. But not only was Robin kind, the lion was so kind to these animals, thus he would only come a couple of times a week to ask a meal! He was innocent, and offered to eat grass instead. As life went on, the forest, was safe from their most scared part—LIFE. And they got escaped from other animals too—the lion was the king of all of them, and he suggested all of them to eat grass.

So, life was beautiful, forever.

Jeopardize: “Mamma”!”  Lyra cried. “I can’t wait to make our cake!” “Can we please make it now? Please”?  “Wait darling have patience”, her mum said. Lyra couldn’t wait! Her mum was a famous cook, and she was great in baking stuff. And Lyra was interested in baking, as her mum. Due to her interest, she told her mum that she and her would make a special 3 teared cake for her birthday, and her mum agreed. “Lyra!” her mum called from the kitchen. “Cake time!”

“Coming mum!” Lyra zoomed into the kitchen. “Finally!” She gasped. “I’m all set!” Lyra adjusted her apron as she helped her mum mix the dry ingredients, first. She mixed the dry ingredients, then the wet, soon they prepared the icing. Whew! Lyra thought, sweating. It’s hard work! The kitchen counter was filled with dozen of ingredients used for the baking.”There goes the cake in the electric oven!” said her mum, wearing her baking gloves. She gently placed the cake in the oven and closed the door. Lyra and her mum settled on a chair. That was—-both Lyra and her mum began to say until—-click! The light went. “Oops”, Lyra said. “Mamma, I hope it comes back soon”. “It will, don’t worry”, said Lyra’s mum. Lyra and her mum waited for a 5 – 10 mins. Lyra sobbed. “My cake, it’s in Jeopardy! What about my birthday!”. “I’m so sorry Lyra”. Her mum comforted Lyra.

“Wait a min!” Lyra said getting up suddenly. “I have an idea!” “Really? What about it?” Asked her mum eagerly. “Okay, listen carefully, mum, Lyra said. We can talk to the electricity man, and ask him if he can give light only for the oven, if not the whole house”. “Amazing! I’ll call up. Said Lyra’s mum. She up to the phone. Lyra heard her mum talk, then rush toward her. “He said he could!” Her mum said happily.  “Yay! Hooray! My cake isn’t jeopardized!”

Soon, it was party time. Lyra licked her fingers. “This is fabulous!” she exclaimed. I love my cake! Her mum winked at Lyra. “I’m glad you liked your cake”.

“Yep!” Lyra chirped. “I love it!”

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  1. Madhu says:

    That’s a wonderful exercise Pari. I will remember this when my own starts to write. I also didn’t know that a word called inimitable existed. Of course I know imitable but didn’t know one “ni” there can change the whole meaning!

    • Parinita says:

      I’m glad you liked it, Madhu. Really? Well, you know the word now 🙂 I know, right? It’s like, two letters(“ni”)can change the whole ‘Imitable’ into ‘Inimitable!

  2. Miquela says:

    What a fun and creative way of memorizing words. I especially liked the story about Robin. I could picture the Serengeti and all the animals while I read it.

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