Which Tagline Do You Like For My Blog?-Please Vote Readers!

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IMG_3573-002Recently you may have noticed i changed my blogs look and feel. I added a new subscription box, I added a about me in the side bar, i added archives, i changed my like bar to left side than top and bottom, and most of all i changed my tagline. And i am also so excited to tell you that i am making my own business card!

And i wanted to choose the best tagline that can be for my blog, because the tagline will stay in my card. And i was very confused, which one to choose. So i thought to share some tagline ideas for my readers, and let  me vote by seeing which one was most popular.  So here are some taglines decided by me and mamma. You can see, and comment for which one is the best. Thank you for choosing!

  1. Creativity Is Earth’s Desire
  2. Where Creativity Grows Like Wildflowers!
  3. Where Imagination Blooms
  4. World Wide Wonder
  5. Playful Earth!
  6. Play,Create, Explore

Thank you! Please comment below to tell me your suggestions.


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  1. Radhika Mathur says:

    I would vote for Where Creativity Grows Like Wildflowers!
    I have been awed by your and your mothers simplicity and creative thinking. It’s so good to see and read your blog. Keep going steady, you are doing a fab job. God bless you.

  2. Avienaash says:

    Pari – I really like first one. “Creativity is earth’s desire” This sums up all, feels like ultimate truth. Goes very well with your blog name too. My thousand votes for this:)

  3. Indranil Chatterjee says:

    I like “World Wide Wonder”. Regardless, the blog gives a feeling of freshness! Just like you, your parents and the place where you now live. Keep going. I’d need to learn a lot from you when it comes to this skill!

  4. Rebecca Manari says:

    I like Playful Earth! I think using the word playful is perfect in your blog, considering you’re a child, and it will remind everyone who follows your blog to always remain playful!

  5. Mami says:

    I like “Where Creativity Grows Like wild flowers!”. Really like the idea of creativity having no boundaries and timing. It will grow and bloom on its own.

  6. Prema says:

    Well the thoughts and creativity that you share on your blog is something that you have developed through your own nature’s experience (like wild flowers) and not something that is planted or seeded. I would vote for Where creativity grows like wild flowers!

    I really enjoy reading your blogs and look forward to reading more.

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