When A Picture Speaks To You

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It was 10:00 in the night. Mamma was browsing through some pictures to write her blog post on.

“Don’t know what to write” she said worriedly. She pressed the arrow on her mac laptop, when I saw this picture(above). Omigosh! I whisper-shouted. I was so so so delighted somehow, by looking at this photo, that i couldn’t stop looking. Press back! I want to see that pic! I yelled. Finally she had to shoo me off.

The thing that I liked about the picture the most, was Sufiana’s expression. Her eyes twinkled, with the naughtiness, like she is inviting me to play—teasing me. The expression was excited, yet mischievous.Β She does things like that lots of times, actually. When Mamma says ” Sufiana, how do you make faces?” She does it immediately, like she knows exactly what to do. She crinkles up her nose—-oh my gosh, how adorable she looks. I’ll take a picture of that soon, and share it with you.


In fact, Sufiana’s expression was by looking at a magnificent kingfisher in our yard—-she really enjoys seeing birds, and animals.

The very next day, again—she surfed through some pictures. She tapped her chin. And whoosh—the picture appeared again. She stopped. I got a look at the photo. Without even taking a breath, i said, “The bokeh(blurred light) in the background looks so amazing!” I drove my finger on the screen on the shape of the bokeh. “Yeah, you’re right, Pari”. she said, doing the same with her finger after looking at the photo carefully.

I loved this picture the most in the last of 2014, AND 2015, till 2015 11, maybe(i wrote 11 to be specific, because i dunno how many beautiful pictures maybe on their way now!) think—till now. It’s just so beautiful.

I told Mamma that she can write about that picture, that day. “Yes, yes, I think I should write about this” she said excitedly, like she had just found the perfect thing to write about. But I loved it so much, that I was like, “I want to write about this too”, so I came up with this post. And somehow, I don’t know, I’m just so satisfied with it. I like my writing πŸ™‚ Oh and BTW( by the way), I am not bragging. But truly, this seemed to be very nice a post. I enjoyed writing it.

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  1. Chachi says:

    Heyy pariiiiii,

    Really the picture is very pleasing and attractive and sufi’s expression is as usual really awesome. I should tell u, the first expression of her i liked the most is her finger pointing to someone n saying uuu… And yeah about the bokeh u mentioned its beautiful. I like to learn how to achieve a bokeh in the pics. Yes even we all like ur writing a lot pari πŸ™‚ each and everything which u post in the blog is so different love the blog.

    Keep writing:)


  2. Mami says:

    O finally. I am reading your post on laptop after long. Yes pictures speak a lot and that is why we all are so fond of clicking and getting clicked :). It feels so nice to go back to an old picture and recollect the whole story behind it. And of course the art of taking good pictures! You, your mumma and Mannu are all so good at it. You know when I was writing my blog even I had developed a passion for food photography and that is when I learned about bokeh and some more technical aspects of photography :). Yes you are write, you writing skills are getting more and more engaging and intersting with every post of yours. Keep writing, I love to read and know the world through your eyes. Much love …Mami

    • Parinita says:

      I’m also glad to look at your comment after long, Mami πŸ™‚ Sorry for my late reply, too. I didn’t know what to write back to you. I agree, when you look at a picture it reminds you of the memories behind that picture.

      I’m fond of food photography, too. Sometimes, I share recipes on my blog so I click pictures of food. I try to take different compositions, and try different techniques for food photography. Oh, and I really liked some of the pictures you took of food in your blog Mami. I really liked the composition in some of the pictures. I’m looking forward to read your blog posts too πŸ™‚

      I’m feeling great on the inside to know that you like my posts, Mami πŸ™‚ It means a lot to me. I’ll keep writing. Love you …Pari

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