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Hello friends, this is my blog.

For quite some time I have been thinking to start a blog.
I was very curious how will my blog be and when will I start my blog.
I had this inspiration to start a blog from my mamma. Her blog name is Mommy Labs.
I and my mom discussed  lots of names for my blog and some of them were:

Tinker Talent
Sea Green Dreams
Walking with Fairy
Magical Tree House

I really liked some of these but the names were already taken.

Finally I thought of  Tinker Earth when I was reading a story about Tinker Bell. When we checked for the name – Tinker Earth, it was there! My Papa bought it that very day.

tinker earth

Yesterday, mamma helped me make a banner on pic monkey. (I LOVE designing on pic monkey, do you?) I chose the photos, colors, layout and font.

But today we found this blog theme named ‘sunset’ and I decided to use the banner that comes with the theme itself. It’s pink which is my favorite color. Plus I like the flowery drawing.

So, what will I write about on this blog?
I’ll share a lot of recipes on my blog and I will write the pretend play I do with my friends, nature walks, trips, art, kids movie reviews.

I hope you will like reading my blog and share with me your  nice comments and give me nice ideas that I can do next. 🙂

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  1. Mamma @ Mommy Labs says:

    Pari dear,
    Your blog looks so beautiful. I love the look! The pink and yellow is so pleasant, vibrant and soothing! And your first post goes up today – congratulations! You’ve expressed beautifully. I am so eager to see many more blog posts from you. Yippie!

  2. pari says:

    mamma i love you comment but
    i am still laughing that when you said yippe!
    but i love love those words you use in speaking or writing
    but janu you are more beautifull then my BLOG beacause you are my favriote
    mama love you pari:_)

  3. papa @agilebuddha says:

    Pari this theme goes very well with your passionate color pink and somehow I get a feeling this design just goes with you. I would love to hear about your joyful experience on our nature trek last week in Mashobra and Chindi. Please
    share your photos too.

  4. Mami@ProlificCooking says:

    My dear Pari, this blog of yours is just beyond my words! I wish you come out with flying colors in each post of yours. I loved this first post. Please do call me some day to do a recipe with you and then both of us can share that on our blogs :).
    Really liked the theme!

  5. MannuMama says:

    Tingu-ram!! I can’t tell you how SUPER-excited I am to see you launch your blog! This is really an awesome idea and I am in love with your blog design already 🙂 Pink is the way to go – yay! Just read your first post and am now keen to read more! You have written beautifully and in such an expressive way. Am waiting to read about your recent trek and nature walks, and see all those beautiful pictures! Congratulations once again and have fun with your blog! 🙂

    Mannu Mama

  6. Sharath says:

    Superb Pari. very simple words and well thought in your writing.. looking forward reading more such beautiful blogs…

  7. Chhavi says:

    Hiiee dear Pari! I’m so glad to see this new initiative of u and your mom.
    Sorry got a lil late in writing in as last few days were a lil busy.
    I am sure Vasavi will love following your blog and putting in her views or comments. Keep it up dear and come visit us soon!
    Love to u:))

  8. Anoop Shiralige says:

    Hey para !!

    I am very happy for you and your blog. You know GA had been telling me to start my own blog. Its been more than an year or two and i still have not been able to start one. But you have done it… kudos!!!!:):)

  9. Cora says:

    I think its a great idea, blogging. I just have a question…how old are you? I’m only 13 but I love to blog about the many hairstyles I do. I can’t wait for your next post! if you have time, will you read my blog? 🙂 keep blogging!

    • Pari says:

      Thank you. I am 9 years old. Okay so can you share me the link of your blog? I would like to check it out, thankyou. 🙂

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