The Tinker Earth Giveaway Winner Is…

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Gosh, finally! I’vebeen longing whole day and asking mamma, “Mamma, can I please please please see who’s won for the giveaway?” Finally, when it was the right time, my mamma said “yes, sure”. I closed my eyes, and clicked ‘generate’ on the website to see who won.  I wrote 1 – 12, and…  the result was… number 8! Woohoo! I quickly saw who was number eight, and it’s….

Menka Desai!

Hurrah for Menka! Here’s what she wrote in the blog post:

Hello Pari,
I’ve been following your blog for a while and am amazed at the way you are writing. It’s wonderful to read about your life and work.
All the best for the future!

Thank you, Menka. I can’t wait to send you the parcel.

For the rest of the people, don’t worry 🙂 I’m pretty sure you’ll win next time. Why, this giveaway went so well, why wouldn’t I want to do another one? Ofcourse! I’m going to do one more really soon. You wait and see.

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    • Parinita says:

      🙂 I’m sure you’ll win next time, Madhu. You got it—in my next blog post(which will be pretty soon, ofcourse) I’ll show you ALL the things I’m giving Menaka, for the giveaway. So, be ready!

  1. Menka says:

    Thank you for the parcel full of creative goodies Parinita!
    Can’t’ wait to dig into them all!
    And somebody pinch me…. did I just win??? 🙂

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