The Things I’m Giving For The Giveaway Winner(Giveaway Closed)

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My blogger friend Madhu requested me to do a blog post, where I’ll show you all the things I’m giving the tinker earth giveaway winnerย for the giveaway. Sounds fun?

I’ll be giving….




A beautiful diary…

other tiny things

Other tiny things like roses for crafts…

Yellow Eyelashes Googli Eyes!

Fun yellow eyelashes googlee eyes!

pink eyelashes googli eyes


Pink eyelashes googlee eyes!

little sequences...really fun for crafts

Little sequences—really fun for crafts!

Diamond Sequences...

Diamond sequences…too!

Pipe cleaners/chenile sticks!

Have you heard of pipe cleaners/chenile sticks? They’re really fun and crafty!

Sewing Materials...

Sewing threads…

3D Outliners!

3D Outliners—I love to do art with them. They’re really fun, and lift off the page!

and other fun crafty things


And other fun little crafty things…

colorful fashion strings!

Fashion Strings!

Designer Threads

Designer strings,


And.. My own little craft – A Accordian Book In a Matchbox!

how can I forget----

How can I forget—-It’s good to send some greetings along the way, that I made myself!

last but not the least, my own bussiness card!

My own business card that I designed is going too. Check out my post about that, here!

To check out the giveaway, click here(it’s closed, though). To know about the giveaway winner, click here.

Don’t forget to check out for more giveaways! I’m planning to do one very soon.

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  1. Chachi says:

    Really wow pari..:) Everything is so colorfull so lot many things u r sharing ๐Ÿ™‚ its so gud to see.. and the best part is the greeting card it looks so lovely dear:) i bet ur feeling very very nice about the giveaways:)

    • Parinita says:

      I’m so sorry for my late comment chachi. Thank you. You’re right, I’m feeling so happy about the giveaway! I’m really feeling like doing one more, soon ๐Ÿ˜€

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