Letting Sufiana Spend Time With Herself

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spending time with yourself

“Appa? Appa?” I heard Sufiana saying. I rushed to her room and looked at her through the keyhole.

It was a few days back. I went in my yard to take pictures of flowers, when I heard Sufiana’s voice. Her bedroom window is attached to the yard, and you hear better noises from there. I ran toward the kitchen, and told Mamma, about Sufi saying ‘Appa’ softly, and we both started cracking up at her cuteness. When i went to her room, i poked my head inside the keyhole and looked at her. She was sitting all by herself on the bed. She was sleeping earlier, but woke up. She wasn’t scared without us. She was looking at the window and waving her hands saying “Appa”.

She was spending time with herself.

I didn’t want to disturb her. When she was all by herself. And she didn’t cry, even though she knew we weren’t there with her in the room. She just kept waving at the window. Every minitute I peeked through the keyhole and told mamma what was happening, we both started laughing at how she was saying Appa.(Appa means Father in Kannada, my father’s mother toungh).

Sufiana loves Papa. She can’t stay without him. Every time he goes to office, she points to the door saying, “Appa? Appa?” And waving her hands like ‘I don’t know’.

Our world  is filled with so entertainment that we don’t want to spend time with ourselves. If we are getting bored, most of us want to watch T.V, or we want to read a book. I’m not saying read a book is bad, or watching T.V is bad, but we already have so much entertainment, sometimes we should just spend time alone. Ourselves.

Sometimes, when I get up a little late, and my parents have already done their breakfast, I say, “Mamma, i’m getting bored”. But, she says, sometimes their maybe times when you have nobody to company with, that’s when you should just sit by yourself, alone, and just look at the trees brushing with the wind, or the birds chirping, or you just have to sit by your garden/yard, and just get lost in your own world. My Mamma says, when she is having breakfast early, and there is no one with her, she just sits by herself and watches the birds fly tree to tree, or sit in the yard. And actually, she prefers siting by herself. She loves it.

This happens a lots of times, Sufi justs sits alone, without crying in her bedroom. And we let her. We don’t go inside too much thinking she’ll get scared. And if she does, she calls us by crying. And when I or Mamma and Papa come(mostly I) she smiles a wide smile and jumps into our arms.

Infact, today she woke up crying. I was about to stop and see her through the keyhole, and see if she sleeps back by herself, but this time she didn’t. So I just went in, and when i came, i could see she was happy. She immideitley slept when I came, like a invation to sing her a lulabie/song, like she always does. Her favrote one is Lala Lala Lori. And I sang. I couldn’t stop looking at her face. The soft face sleeping, with brown eyes. I kissed her on her cheek, and when she slept, I went outside the door.

Do you spend time with yourself?

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  1. Srishti says:

    This topic is so close to my heart that I can’t tell you. I just love to spend time with my self and I really crave for any such time that I get and trust me being mumma of two lovely daughters, it is next to impossible to get this time as I am so engaged with them all the time! These days I get up at around two at night to feed Myra and then I don’t feel like going back to sleep as I get complete peace and time with myself at that time so I stay awake for an hour or two. Do what I like to do at that time and then go back to bed!
    For kids, I completely agree that spending time with out doing any thing specific makes them think and get creative ideas. It is really important to spare some time where there is no agenda. We may think that kids are getting bored but that boredom is actually beneficial for them.

    • Parinita says:

      Mami –

      Oh So, 2 o clock is when you get your ‘Me Time’, to spend sometime with yourself, or do what you want. Mamma, used to do the same in Delhi, when Sufiana was born.

      Also, I agree with you.

      Thanks for your comment, it brought me a smile!

  2. Madhu says:

    Pari, I loved your arts, I missed posting on those entries. You are doing amazing! I just have to share this with you; my almost 3 year old loves colors. She usually randomly colors the paper but last weekend I showed her how to slow down so that she can control the brush strokes. She is slowly getting the hang of a paint brush now.

    Coming to this post, its extremely important to let the babies, kids, adults, grandparents and everyone on this earth alone for sometime everyday. Everyone needs it. I am so glad that you and mom leave Sufiana alone for sometime so that she can be what she is without anyone watching her.

    I love being alone at least for sometime everyday. Since I have a long commute to work, I get a chance to be myself without being spoken to. I usually spend that time reading.

    • Parinita says:

      Thank you Madhu.
      That’s nice. It’s good that she likes painting with a brush. Sufiana also likes to paint a lot.

      Yes, getting that little bit of time – is important for everyone.

  3. kriti says:

    Dear Pari,

    Hello from Kriti’s mom! I have been reading your blog posts for a long while(came from your mom’s blog) and now Kriti also follows your blog. You express yourself so well! Being self-aware and being happy just being with oneself is what I firmly believe in too! I can be with myself all the time.
    God bless you,child!

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