Running Faster Than The Wind Feels Surreal!

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I whizzed past every hand that was trying to catch hold of me. I was running with the wind. No. I was flying. Like the ‘Flying Sikh’ himself – the legendary Milkha Singh.

It was a game of “chase and catch’ that we were playing.  In this game one person at a time would have to catch me, and I’d run. Boy, was I happy to play this game! Because, as it is, I LOVE to run. It’s my inner-most desire to become the fastest runner on this earth!

So, we started with the boys. Here comes – Shubham bhaiya – one of the fastest runners in our complex. He’s a bullet train. Being at least 4 years older than me, he’s anyways got an advantage. But, here’s the twist! HE WAS NOT ABLE TO CATCH ME! On an ordinary day, he runs way faster than me. But, hey, not today. Today was MY day. There was something extraordinary about me, my spirit! I told ya – I was running like the wind!

Next comes Adi. If Shubham was Bullet Train, Adi is Super Bullet train! But, it wasn’t his day…. sorry, Adi. I left you gasping for breath. Oops! Move on…

I was overhearing my friends saying, “Oh my god! Pari has the strength of 23 people in her body!” I had never before felt so delighted!

It was Ayush’s turn to try his luck. And, he’s no dark horse.! He actually came quite close to me. But, I dodged him in a jiffy! He was baffled. He’d concluded that he’d caught me and winked at Peehoo. Poor fellow – he celebrated his victory prematurely. I glanced at the girls. They looked shell-shocked. “What is it with Pari today!” And they asked me,”so are you out of the game or not yet?”. “No! I am not! Not even ONCE!”

They were all at their wit’s end. But then, so was I. Yes. I was startled myself. What happened that I was running like a dream!

O come on…… It WAS infact a dream. O no….. I was dreaming. It was twilight hours. It all felt so real. Once the dream was over, I woke up beaming. It felt so good.

But then, I let out a sigh…..

I wish this was real. 🙁 

Never mind, I do think I’ll make it happen. I WILL run like the wind, one day! I’m working at it.

And, now that I’m in Goa, I’m running on the beach almost every day. Running with the wind. The waves cheering me on.

Will you cheer me, too? This is my first attempt at writing a story. I hope you liked. Please share any feedback that you might have. Thank ya!


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  1. Mami says:

    Oh my my, Pari! what a story…I did not know that you are narrating a dream of yours till the time you disclosed it! Wow! I am really amazed at the way you have documented this one. The words that you have used are such that even I took a note of them so that I remember to use them often :). If mamma has edited this one then tell her that Honey says that she is the best coach you could get! You both are going great at this front also :).

  2. parinita says:

    Oh yeah. Mamma is sitting right beside me, and is beaming;-).. yes well I also loved the word’s.. first I wrote the draft then mamma editied it… We discussed each and every word… She is a total fab writer… yes dosent it feels surprising in the end when you get to know it was a dream… Yes Pappas very exited to read the post too… We are coming from the beach are very sleepy…

  3. kriti says:

    Dear Pari,
    I wrote a comment here yesterday,but it disappeared!
    So came back to say that I really like your story! You have a good imagination and write well.My mom liked your story too!

    I love beaches..I wish I could come to Goa too!

    • parinita says:

      Oh okay, i am not sure why it disappeared! But anyway, thanks a lot to your mum and also to you. Yes, goa is a wonderfull place, i will be coming to delhi on september. And hey i have permanently shifted here you know. So.. Ah! I am not quite sure we can meet. Oh. Thats too sad, but don’t worry we’ll surly meet each other some day…:) Thanks for the comment, i am glad you liked the story, even i liked it:-)

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