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My New Business Cards

I have been wanting to print my own business cards (for my blog) since quite some time, and I finally have done it! The reason i printed my own cards was that, when i go anywhere, meet people, interact, it will be great to give them my own card, with my name, blog, and something else about me. It can be useful in many ways. Especially because I am unschooling, I meet many people as I travel.

My father suggested that I add a note on why I’m unschooling – on the back side of the card. He got this idea because when we tell people about me not going to school, they ask many questions – want to know how we do it, what curriculum we use etc. So, this small write-up will help give some understanding about our unschooling life.

Here, take a closer look of the cards and card holder:


This is the back side of the card that explains why am I unschooling.


The sleek card holder:


Just before we were about to travel to Sagara – my grand parents’ place, my pack of 100 cards arrived. And, I was thrilled as I would be able to give to my family and friends. As I’m writing this post from Sagara, I’ve already distributed more than 10 cards. And, all of them who received, loved it and admired the idea.

If you’d like to design and print your own card, I highly recommend Vista Print.

What do you think of my cards? Do you like the idea/design? Any other tips/suggestions for me to improve the next lot that I will print?

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  1. Madhu says:

    Wow Pari! I absolutely LOVE the card! You did an amazing job of creating this and I am sure everyone who receives them would be thrilled to receive it.
    I specially love the note you have written about unschooling. In this day and age where everyone is on a race to perfect everything, I love it that you take a moment to slow down and really work on this that ‘you’ want to instead of someone telling you what you must.

    • Parinita says:

      Thanks Madhu! I am delighted that you liked the card. You’re right, i am not forced to do anything. I do what i have interest in, nobody forces me. Yeah i like that idea too of the homeschooling note.

      Keep reading!

  2. Janey says:

    Pari, I’m super impressed with your cards and just who you are. You are going to do something very amazing with your life because you have been given the time and support to find yourself and be who you are. Sadly this is something few children get to feel these days. Hugs to you and your family Janey xx

  3. Anja Kalinka says:

    Hi Pari, I love your design for your business card. Please save one for me when we come to India and visit you in Goa. Love to read your blogs and posts. Big hugs from Berlin/Germany from all of us, especially Leyla.

    • Parinita says:

      Thank you Anja,
      I will love to keep one card for you for sure when you come to India! I love distributing them.
      It’s wonderful to see your comment. Keep reading!

      Hugs to Leyla, and all of you!

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