My Mamma Finally Has a Smart Phone, and Thank God for it!

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xiaomi mi3Xiaomi Mi3? What the heck is that? Do you think it’s my pet dogs name? Or a name of a toy? Identify the right answer:

What does the name Xiaomi Mi3 mean?

  • My Pet Cat’s Name?
  • A Name Of a Toy?
  • A Smartphone?
  • Something that you cook with?;)
  • A Name Of a Camera?

Well, did you figure out something?


Think more….

Okay, I think these are enough options that I gave you. Lemme give you the answer….

P.S Hey- don’t scroll down too fast. I am not making the final answer too bold or colorful or you’ll see it very quickly….:)




It’s the most popular smart-phone that sells in seconds! 

And guess what? My mamma bought it! Yes she did! But that may not sound so interesting to you though. But hey…

Other then writing, reading, and doing art and craft, there’s one thing inside me that’s really bold and clear and is my favorite thing to do-Smartphones and technology! I have been dreaming(more than dreaming actually!) to have my own phone so, so, so very much! And go really crazy when i see a smartphone with someone. I love to explore them.

And the phone I had been really mad about to take(for mamma who has never had a smartphone before) and the phone which is hardly available, and sells in seconds,(one second it’s there, and the other second it isn’t! I think the mi3 phone stands for mission impossible):)Is finally in my hands!

Mamma bought Xiaomi Mi3 recently, and I have been hooked to it ever since. I touch it before I go to sleep, I sometime’s even kiss it! And love exploring things in it. I keep telling mamma-“Mamma you’re so so, so lucky to have this phone!”

And to my excitement, mamma recently also bought a really amazing back cover for her phone. It’s brown colored. The texture behind the cover, makes me want to touch it again and again.

Mamma always wanted a great camera on her smartphone, if she brings one. And mostly, smart-phones which have great camera’s are very expensive. But not Xiaomi Mi3. Xiaomi Mi3, is not expensive-13999, and has great features that come on an expensive smart-phone. And mostly, a great camera.

Mamma is very happy to have Xiaomi. Though she never wished for a smartphone. And she likes that phone, mostly because of it’s camera- 13.Mega Pixels camera, really crisp I have to tell you!  Lots of camera features, and yes-a lot more!

I’m sharing some pictures I took from her phone:


This was an unbelievable sight from our backyard. The clouds just started gathering up in small parts! Isn’t it beautiful?

I clicked pictures of some shadows that I noticed on our balcony. The photo on the left is the same picture but processed(on google’s photo app) by me, and the picture on the right is original.

flower in our yard

These are some hibiscus flowers that we had grown in our yard. I loved taking pictures of that.

So…. Here’s the end! My love for phones is growing day by day…. Thanks for reading!

Do you like smartphones too?

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  1. Chachi says:

    Heyyy pari dear, nice blog 🙂 the pics u have taken is too gud and yes mi3’s camera is very good. The clouds and shadow pics are amazing. U know even i have bought it. Almost dslr features r der in that mobile. And yeah i like smart phones..a lot 🙂 It makes so easy to connect with family and frnds 🙂

    Keep writing.


    • Parinita says:

      Hi Chachi,
      Thank you:) Wow, really? You have bought mi3 too? When did you buy it? And what about your earlier Nexus 4 phone? Yep, the features in mi3 is good.

      🙂 You’re like me, i love smartphones! And yes, it so easy to connect with family and friends.


  2. Madhu says:

    Pari, the one thing that I do love to do with my smart phone is take pictures! Its nice that momma bought a new phone. Is it easy to transfer pictures to a PC or you get stuck like with iTunes at times?

    • Parinita says:

      Madhu, mama does the same! She uses her phone mostly for the camera:) Um.. No we don’t get stuck with iTunes, we are able to transfer them. I either send them by email(not much, because internet these days is too slow) and sometimes transfer them with a USB cable.

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