My Intimate Encounter With Puppies

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I could feel the soft and furry body touch against my chest. His stomach moving up and down breathing in sleep. The ear brushing against the hand in which I held. His whole body snuggled up in a cozy blanket.

I was holding a puppy for the first time.

Though I’ve been scared of dogs since i was little, this one was something i could never take my hands off of. The experience is so fresh in my mind, I have to share my feelings by writing…so here I am.

The Story Starts Here:

I had gone to play with my friends at their place. We made a beautiful tent made out of cloth, food from leaves, and beds and pillows from grass and banana leaves to make it realistic. We were pretending to play adventures, so one by one all of my friends had an adventure in the story. Finally, when my friend Ria, played her part in the story, where she gets lost (she pretends to) she and my friend Simmy ran into a building with me and my friend Sareena following her.

That’s where Ria spotted something.

Two sibling puppies trembling and scared.

My friends immediately picked the puppies up and ran towards me and Sareena. It was an astonishing site. We ran behind the bushes thinking somebody would see us. We went to our tent and settled down.

“Put down the blanket to lay the puppies”, each of us said.

My friend Simmy is a dog lover and has a dog in her home called “jugni”. She and Sareena were holding the puppies.

We laid the puppies down and oh – one of them had a wound in his leg! Simmy immediately wrapped them in a blanket and cuddled him to comfort him.

‘The puppy is going to sleep”, she said. And it slept.

I’ve never experienced this kind of emotion in me, ever. It was something else; I don’t even have the right words to point and tell you how I felt. But I’m proud to say that my fear of dogs/puppies was not there that day.

Even Simmy said smilingly, now you’re not scared of dogs.

I could not control┬ástroking the little puppy’s furry body. That was the only way to tell the puppy, “i will save you, don’t worry”. And i am sure, he must be getting the vibes.

I took the second sibling in my lap. His foot touching my knee. He was hungry, he was pushing his nose into the fold of my leg – may be trying to lick or eat or sniff. He started licking.

Whoops! This time I was scared. I told Simmy to take the puppy from me. She held it like it was her baby.

We took the baby outside, when suddenly i was overjoyed to see my mamma come with Sufi.

I told mamma the puppy we had got. She was surprised, and kept saying he’s so cute! I knew it was, i had a thought. “can we take it home”? My father was delighted. And most was Sufi who kept pointing and laughing and getting excited looking at the puppy!

We went back to the tent, when after a while rain started to pour.

“Cover the puppy with the blanket”! We were all so concerned about both of them. We all ran toward the car park where all the mammas were huddled.

After a while we sat down dangling our legs on the elevated parking space. We never wanted to leave the puppy. But we knew (me and Simmy) that if we get too attached we would be sad not to take them home.

Every one was looking at the puppies again and again, admiringly.

IMG_20140910_182102639 (1)

We discussed many things about adopting the puppy and who would take it home. Sareena was taking home one puppy.

As evening fell, Simmy went upstairs to do something and gave me the puppy. I was most delighted. I showed mamma holding the puppy, she smiled.

I roamed around holding him close.

I could feel the soft and furry body touch against my chest. The stomach moving up and down breath in the sleep. The ear touching my hand holding it. And The face snuggled up in a cozy blanket.

We talked endlessly about whether to take it home or keep it right there in the society where we found them. But we were quite concerned if they will be okay.

Then we decided that Sareena will be taking both of them as Simmy was not allowed and I couldn’t too (mamma is not a dog person – she’s not sure she can take care and all, though she loves dogs). I never wanted to leave the puppy. “Bye take care” i wished them both.

I am thinking to bring this puppy home for 2-3 days over this weekend.

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  1. Chachi says:

    Hi Pari,

    That is so lovely to write about puppies. The story u have elaborated is so nice. Puppies always need warmth n love from people. And the way u have written ur concerns and emotions about the puppies is adorable.

    I love dogs very much n anoop is also a dog lover. This time when we went to native, dad had brought 2 puppies (i ll share d pics with u Pari:), we were so overwhelmed. Playing with them is so fun n they r so little, giving them food, cuddling with them Ohh i miss them now.

    Keep writing.


  2. Mami says:

    Pari, you know what! I have a very similar childhood story with puppies but before telling that to you there is a message from Sarah. I just read out this post to her an she was happy to listen to your story. She says that the puppies are very cute!
    Nani was also listening when I read out the post to Sarah. And now my story and you know this one is one of Sarah’s favorite sleep time stories! Right now have to take Sarah to bed. WIll share the story tomorrow :)!
    Happy to know that your fear of dogs has gone and you had such a close encounter with puppies!
    Mami recently posted…Converting My Own Muffin Recipe To A Cake Recipe (for the very special person in my life)My Profile

    • Parinita says:

      Sarah is right, puppies are indeed very cute and furry! Yes, i am happy to know myself that my fear of dogs has gone a bit, and it’s surprising to know i was holding it close to my chest!

      Will love to read the story which you’re going to send me.
      Lots of hugs to Sarah, you and mama.

  3. Madhu says:

    Greetings from Chennai Pari!
    Such a cute story! I love dogs too, especially the labs!
    I don’t have any particular story to share though ­čÖé
    Perhaps momma is more inclined towards cats???

    • Parinita says:

      Thank you Madhu!
      Mamma is fond of cats, but i am more fond of them, i had one beautiful male cat black and white striped when i came 9+ months ago for Sufiana’s birth.

      I am scared of dogs, but not too scared with puppies. They are so cute!


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