Learning With Questions: Does God Exist?

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Me and mamma often discuss  things together. So, we have started a challenge together. She’ll give me a question a day, not a question about maths, geography, or anything else. She told me, there is no right or wrong for the answer. I just have to connect deep into my heart, and see what I think.

My first question for yesterday was:

Do you think God exists?

My Answer:

My thought is that god does exist. Many people think differently.

My thought is that, souls like god, do exist in this world. What I think is, god is a person. He is someone similar to us. He/she talks, walks. Just that, he/she is a higher soul. When something was going to happen, most of us gasp and say:”Thank God, we’re safe!” Or, “Thank god for that”!  Maybe/mostly, people think god our different types. Like lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, Lord Jesus, Sai baba. The truth is,(what I think) there aren’t different gods. There are only three of them. They, are the most higher souls. Who I think they are, are: Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma (the creator) and Lord Shiva.

The others, such as Lord Ganesha, Krishna, Buddha, are all forms of either Vishnu, Shiva, or Brahma. People have published fictons, based on gods stories. I many times wonder how do they get to know Gods stories. The stories are maybe(no one knows) how many years ago.

But I finally came up with a answer: People that lived in Gods times, passed on gods stories they knew, to people. Then one person kept passing the story to someone else, and so on.

That’s how they got to know gods stories. But I believe, someday I may come up with a answer, and that can be similar to what may have happened in real life. Sometimes, I try to concentrate so hard, in mediation, so i can meet god.  I cannot exactly meet god, but god can also meet me in my dreams and talk to me.

The thing is, I have never come up with a confident answer about god. I am not even sure if god is a person. I sometimes think,  if i meet god in my dreams, by succeeding in my concentration, god could also be a light. Or someone, you can see through. I don’t always very truly believe in stories, but i think parts of them may be true to what may have happened in real life. Mamma asked me yesterday if I can be a higher soul myself. Were there moments with your sister(Sufiana) when you felt so deeply in love, that you were god yourself? Or a manifestation of god yourself at that moment?

After i read aloud what i had written to Mamma and Papa, we discussed about this.

I do think god exists. What about you? Does god exist?

Lord Buddha

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  1. Chachi says:

    Heyy Pari dear,

    Really nice blog. And this is so different from other blogs. Yes i do believe that god exists. The way u said about the concentration and meditation is too very good. N it s so amazing that u r understanding everythin by this age only. Keep learning with the questions.:)


  2. Madhu says:

    Pari, I am totally amazed to see the maturity level of this question. I had been doing some reading/ introspection myself over the last couple of years and I can tell what I think about the concept of God. Yes, it does exist. The concept of God exists within us. Tat Tvam Asi (You Are That to put it simply/ literally).

    Tat: The innermost self devoid of any ego (amongst other things). Basically the soul/ Aatman which is pure
    Tvam: Aatman has an identity of it own. Its qualities are that of Brahma in the cosmos. This is the existence beyond our (at least mine) comprehension.

    When you realize your innermost self, you are one with God. You are God.

    • Parinita says:

      Madhu –

      Thank you:) It’s good to know other people’s perspectives on God. I’m knowing so much from my readers comments, the part where you said about Tat Tvam Asi, is informative. Thanks for sharing.

      Exactly. I agree that god is within you, if you’re conscious about it.

  3. Avinash Almeida says:

    Hey pari
    Well that’s an interesting question your mom put up to you. Its very difficult to say how dose God looks like. Well but for me after reading the bible, watching movies and reading other books I am convinced that god is the light. He has no form or anything. He is the light that lights up haven and watches over us.

    In fact there is another interesting thing, I learnt about, in this Swadha school. Its the question we need to ask ourselves where do we come from? and who are we before coming on earth? And once you get the answer you will realize why you have to treat children as children and not some play toy,

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