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This is a pic of my google analytics blog report that shows you how many people visited my blog (in a month) and from what countries. (This picture is a screen shot. And to click picture of an open page on your Mac laptop, you have to press “Command Shift 3” – all together) 

I find it very interesting to check Google Analytics to see how many people have read my posts.

Google analytics also shows how many pages each reader visited, the duration of their visit, which one is the most popular article, what languages do my readers speak and much more.

And, I found that the top 10 readers on my blog come from countries like – India, U.S.A, Australia, Netherlands, Nigeria, Singapore, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom and Indonesia.

Mamma asked me if I would like to express my gratitude to my readers by sharing the national anthem of all these countries.

I liked the idea and hence here they are. National Anthem of each of these countries.

It was charming listening to the national anthems of various countries, and I hope you like listening, too.

And now a quiz question that Mamma asked me.

Q. Which national anthem in the longest? And, which one is the shortest?

To know the answer, scroll down a bit…





And, the answer is:

Longest – in terms of lyrics is Greece. It has 158 verses. And, in terms of music, it’s Uruguay – 105 bars of music.

Shortest – Uganda – 8 bars of music.

I recommend checking out this page that lists many interesting facts about National Anthems.

A big thank you to all of you for supporting me on my writing journey. 

Please share your own experience, story and insight here in the comments section.

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  1. Roshni says:

    I enjoyed reading this post and have since checked my Google Analytics page too. Thanks for the idea.
    I think the idea of posting the National Anthems is great!

    • Pari says:

      Good. Thank you for connecting to my blog. I checked out your blog Roshnie’s rambles. I love the colour and the topics you choose and write. Love it. I am shifting to goa at march end or april first and actually it got delayed:-( I had to come at march 13.

      Keep writing. Lets start being friends Thank you!

  2. Madhu says:

    Hi Pari, I had absolutely no idea that Greece had the longest verses! It didnt even occur to me to check 🙁
    Good exercise; I am from Canada by the way 🙂
    I missed your other diaries entry. You have some beautiful diaries 🙂

    • Pari says:

      Thank you, so much madhu. Oh wow i didn’t know you’re from canada:-) You know my mamma loves maple leaves. And i know maple leaf is a symbol on canada’s national flag.! How’s the weather there? I’m glad to know more about you and canada! Glad you like my diaries. Do you have any diaries?

      Thank You for commenting:-)


  3. Madhu says:

    Pari, yes, Maple leaf is a symbol on Canadian national Flag. One interesting fact about Maple trees is that, the maple syrup which we get form the tree is extremely popular here. We use it on pan cakes mostly. If you happen to find it in stores, do check it out. Pancakes are easy to make; getting the maple syrup maybe a challenge.

    The weather this year has been extremely cold. We live near Toronto, very close to Lake Ontario (one of the 5 great lakes). I am not sure if you know this already but what happens when we live close to a lake is that when the wind blows towards the land, the wind-chill makes it colder than what the temperature really reads. For example, lets say, the outside temperature is -20 D C. When the wind-chill factor it would feel close to -30 D C or even below.
    There were few days in early Jan when the temperature hit -40 D C. Any exposed skin would get instant frost bite. It was funny though, my daughters (2 years) first sentence was “ooohhh cold momma”.
    Its early Jan and by now the weather should be + single digits. As of today, we are still at -12. So, no more tulips and daffodils this spring! Another interesting fact about Celsius and Fahrenheit; I also just came to know about it when we hit -40 D C. -40 D C = -40 D F. Cool na?

    I was born and raised in India. Relocated over a decade ago.

    I dont have any diaries Pari. I used to when I was young but over a period of time, I somehow lost track. I just a small blog for my daughter which I try to update every now and then. If you mom permits, I can send you a fun diary 🙂 Let me know. It will be my pleasure.

    • parinita says:

      Wow! I am wishing to find the maple syrup! I love making pancakes and doing bakery stuff:-) Oh my so you must have to wear so many sweaters and inners! I don’t like wearing too much clothes. And yes actually my mom is going to send you a mail. On your id.

      You can send me the diaries when we shift to goa at April 10 i will give you my other address then.

      Aww… Your daughter must be used to the cold now. That’s why her first word was ‘Ohhhhhh…. Cold momma!’ Where are you living right now? Are you in canada?

    • parinita says:

      Thank you, Suma.

      I am happy to connect with you on my blog:-) How is aarushi? She would be happy to check out this post, and listen to the national anthem of different places!


      warm wishes to aarushi!

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