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Being Positive

Say, you went on a holiday. You booked a hotel, and planned to spend your time at a beautiful place.  If your bed was hard in the hotel, or there wasn’t enough hot water to supply you, would you hang your face all the time, and think that your trip was ruined, just because your bed was hard, and there wasn’t hot water?

Think about it.

If you’re like me—being over-excited if your bedroom turned luxurious, and being really upset if your room wasn’t big, or didn’t have the bathroom very neat? I admit: I AM a bit like that. Though I didn’t say i’m totally like that, but still  I am a bit. Luckily, i keep getting reminders, because my mom is the total opposite of that. She can nearly fit anywhere, whether the room isn’t good enough, or any other reason. The room doesn’t really matter—and if it does, it doesn’t ruin the place. The place stays the same. Only your thoughts make a difference.

Bearing situations like these is being positive. Adjusting to any situation.

Me and Sufiana

Actually, I think should get my habit of having everything a bit ‘luxurious’ a bit aside. If i’m like that, it isn’t really easy for travelers. Traveling means—you drove to a far place somewhere, seems like a good place, lets stop here, one of you say—then you just stop by a hotel, not really wondering if it’s luxurious. The next morning at 6, you wake up and go travelling—again. If you’re travelers, you can’t go around looking for beautiful rooms. And we’re one of them.

I’ve decided, i’ll look for positive things in life, rather than focusing on negative.

Thinking positive spreads happiness.

What do you say?


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