Behind The Scenes Of An Insta Picture – #1: The Blue House

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behind the scenes of an instagram pictures
As we scroll down Instagram, we see some beautifully styled pictures – pictures that look like you just had to put up 1 -2 elements to take it – pictures that seem easy to style – pictures that you think were taken in a very calm environment (haha!) – but have we thought that the process/behind the scenes of those pictures.. aka reality, may be different?

Maybe a beautiful, calm picture of the river was taken in a split second by trying to stop the kids from jumping in the water and splashing water over your camera? Maybe, a picture of you taking a picture with your camera was followed by cries of your little sister wanting to take the camera too? These type of situations have happened with me, and so, I’m starting a series called “Behind The Scenes Of An Insta Picture”! Yay! Here you know the not-so-perfect reality of how it goes behind the scenes of my Instagram photos 😉

Picture #1: The Blue House

#1: The Blue House

It was late evening. I was rushing around, clothes lied on the bed, wet towel on the chair. I fled down the stairs to my parents, almost trampling to say that I had to take a picture of the blue house that we had talked about. I was extremely paranoid that it will rain any second and I won’t have good light for the picture.

Finally, as we rushed out, it was storming. The rain was CRASHING on the windows. As we reached there, I stepped out of the car, tucking my little plastic bag under my shirt to protect the phone from getting wet. We trampled out, our feet stepping on the extremely muddy, slushy, water running from the side of the road as my foot sunk into the mud. I ran to take the picture of the house, staring at the bright sky blue color of the building. My dad held a huge umbrella above me to prevent the phone from drenching. “Keep the umbrella out of the picture!” I said loudly to my dad so he could hear me in the utter rain. I clicked several shots in different angles.

“This is kinda fun!” my dad said, his T shirt turned into a deep dark red color from a light reddish-pinkish tone by the time we stepped back into the car (which was, again, an adventure.) I was cold, but satisfied. “I hope there are enough shots..” I said in my head. I browsed few of the pictures – they were good enough. Although I was a little sad that I didn’t take more angles – nevertheless, I knew it was insta-worthy.

It was a rather fun adventure, sneaking out at 8:00 in the night to take this picture in the middle of the rain.

When we reached home, I sunk in the bed folding my legs, editing the picture. As I looked at it, I could slightly see the rain dropping from the roof of the house. “Nothing like the reality,” I chuckled to myself.


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