A Peep Into An Animal’s Heart

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It was a pleasant night. We were playing chicklets on the road when rain sprinkled gently on our heads.

“It’s hardly any, I’m sure it’ll go. Let’s keep on playing,” I said.

“But let’s get ready to run if it does,” One of my friends said.

That’s when.. it started to pour. And I mean.. pour!  The Goan monsoons, with the trees waving in the wind, rain pattering as loudly as it can on the road, making large thumping noises.

We ran with our hands above our heads, shouting, “where should we go!? My home is through the long road!”

“Mine too!”

“Let’s go to Sarah’s house!” I pointed.

“No no, it’s too dark!”

“Arre, I’m getting wet!”

“Fine, let’s go!”

We all ran to my cousin sister’s house with our heads bent low and quickly walked up the stairs of the house porch, trying to maintain a grip on the slippery steps. The water sprinkled onto us from the outside. “Haha, I’m getting a little wet!” I said, jumping to the side so I could keep dry.

“Aww look! Pandu’s come!”

He was our friend, the street dog.

He was shivering. He came and snuggled inside a little space that was left where we three weren’t squeezing.. He felt cozy, I could tell. Away from the fun, yet loud.. raining night. He could’ve easily gone and taken shelter in a dryer place, but he wanted to keep us safe, he wanted to be with us. I could feel myself getting emotional, as rain trickled down my forehead. I stroked the back of his neck, touching my fingertips into his fur.

“Panduu.. tu bhi na,” we said together.

As the rain stopped, we all ran heading to our homes with Pandu trotting on the side, smiling a doggy smile from ear to ear, dissapearing into the night.

A few days later, we were walking into the crisp morning sunshine with my camera dangling around my neck when Pandu came running after us as if to say, “where were you guys!? I was trying to find you!” That’s when a little girl, about 1-year-old –  Ritika came on the bike. She was gently holding her mom’s kurta so she could sit properly in the bike. My cousin sister Sarah ran after her, super extatic.  She was adorable.

“Hi, Ritika!” I waved from where I was standing, with the others. Just this once, I didn’t run after with them. I stayed, my hand burying into Pandu’s fur.

“You are my Ritika,” I whispered in his ear. I felt like taking him into my arms, kissing him and smooching all over. I almost got angry since I couldn’t because of all the little insects he has stuck on his fur! “Pandu! I wish you would take a bath, you naughty boy!” I said, laughing a little.

I rubbed my blurry eyes and a tear drop on my cheek as I saw the others running down the road calling my name. I laughed gently, surprised at how emotional I was getting. I almost always start crying when it comes to dogs or animals, but.. today was different.

“Come on, Pandu!” I called.

He looked so innocent. What does he do? Does he have a phone, to check WhatsApp on? No. Does he have food prepared for him every day, so he can sit back and relax and eat? No. He hunts for food himself. All he needs in his life are four girl friends – us. ..And he’ll be with them all along, protecting them, playing with them, loving them so unconditionally.

Actually no no, he doesn’t just love four girls, ofcourse.

If a stranger came along and gave him a little stroke or maybe even a scrap of his leftover roti, his heart would swell red with love.

….And there he would come again….. Giving his whole heart to you for giving him a scrap of your roti.


This isn’t just the case with Pandu, but with millions of other street dogs who are abandoned on the streets every day with broken legs, or bleeding wounds, bones showing so much that they don’t even have any flesh left.  It’s on us on how many of them are lucky, to come trotting into your society.

My dream is to get a dog. I can almost imagine, stroking its long golden fur.. (I want to get a Golden Retriever :D) Snuggling with him in bed… Unfortunately, we can’t right now as my mom still has to get more comfortable with them (ugh!) She says we have to wait till we get a land.

I nag her every day to try and get one as soon as possible.

Thankfully majority wins!! My dad loves dogs and Sufi is just like me hehe 😉

I remember the time when we were all scared and kept a distance from Pandu, because of the terrible disease he had on his back when he had first walked in from the street. He was taken to the Animal Welfare for treatment.

There’s a little black circle on his fur, covering a patch of his off-white fur. I was shocked to see it there, and asked Khushi – one of my friends.

“What’s this??”

“You didn’t know? Someone from the society poured boiling hot water over him.”

Things like these… happen all the time. 99% of the time we’ll be looking out from our car’s window and see a dog limping with a bleeding leg and feel.. “oh that’s sad.” And go back to doing whatever we were doing. 1% of the time, we go and actually help the dog in bandaging the broken leg or at least calling the animal welfare.

I went back home and told mamma how touched I had felt that day.

These creatures may not “think” as much as us, but they feel just like we do or sometimes even more.

Hehe anyway.. I hope you liked the post. I feel quite strongly about this topic, not just with dogs but other animals too whether it’s slaughtering them… or this. And I also really wanted to write about my love for dogs and the little scenario with Pandu (the street dog).  It’s very important to create awareness about this subject as people often don’t take this as something very important.

I really wanted to write about my love for dogs and the little scenario with Pandu since I love writing posts like these.

Do you love dogs/animals too?


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