The Very Beany Coffee Quiz – Know Your Coffee!

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Coffee has literally taken over the world. It’s the 2nd most consumed food behind oil! Do you like Coffee? Well, this brown-magical-caffiene drink really charms people! And ofcourse, none other than myself. Yup, I absolutely adore coffee. And I mean, ADORE. I bet you didn’t know that! First is obviously the taste, but the aroma – you know you can’t hold back when you whiff that scent as you enter your nearby coffee shop. So guys. You know I had to do a coffee quiz! Coffee is not as bad as you think. Without the sugar put into it because of its bitterness, it’s quite healthy! But.. before we get into it…

Raise your hand if you love coffee.

Did you raise it?

Even if you didn’t, I hope you enjoy this quiz! Let’s get into it.

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Well, there you go! Doesn’t this make you like coffee even more? It’s funny something you probably casually drink every morning can have so many stories behind it. I’m sorry this quiz was a bit of a delay, it took more time than the last one. Don’t overload coffee but don’t miss the fun of it – it’s indeed awesome!

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  1. Nidhii says:

    Yummy! Hey Pari! This is Nidhi. I came across your blog inadvertently:) Lemme tell you what happened. I wrote an essay for a competition and i used the phrase tinker earth. My english teacher called me and said that it wasn’t appropriate. I looked for it in thesaurus, dictionaries and blah and at last, i foolishly typed ‘tinker earth’ on google. I couldn’t find the meaning but i found your blog:) Lol, i am sure this will bring you in fits of laughter!!! You are simply awesome!!!!
    Anyways, coffee is something delectable. The aroma!!! I love it…In India, coffee is mostly grown in Kerala. I read about it when I was doing research on Tropical Monsoon Type Climate. And you know what! You’ve made me addicted to internet. I never use the internet except for studies. I hate people who are obsessed with internet, chatting and all. They chat but its futile, really futile. I have a friend who is so obsessed with chatting on messenger and snapchat that she forgets about the privacy of the other person. Unbelievably, I have chatted only once. With her, and she kept on sending messages in a minute or so. That beep of the messages is something like….
    because of her, I couldn’t study and my math exam was soooo poor and for the first time, i stood second:(
    However, I covered up:) I hate her now and i’ve stopped talking to her. I mean this obsession is so strange and i hate it…..Uff, I wrote such long a message.
    Anyways, forgot telling my introduction:).
    Haha what an intro!!:))
    Keep writing girl! what i”ve written isn’t much germane to the topic: coffee. But it looks as if while drinking coffee, one would have written this.
    Good wishes,

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