What Will I Do 16 Years Down The Line…

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Me sarah and sufiana Polka dotty!

This is a pic of Me, My Cousin Sister Sarah, and Sufiana! Picture Credit- Manish Jaju– My uncle has taken this pic. 

Do you know what is going to happen in the future? Well, i some how do, at least one event which i will make happen in my future. And that event will be 16 years down the line…That is us the 4 sisters, who are Me, along with my little sister Sufiana, with my 2 other Cousin Sisters, Sarah and Asmita. Will travel the world to places like South Africa which is one place i am desperate to go to, again and again, as i once went when i was 5 years old. And found it amazing! And loved the places like Knysna, Capetown, Harmanus! We saw so many wild animals there.

And also saw a lion eating a Buffalo. Within touching distance! And hey, not only South Africa. But we will travel to many more places! 16 years after from now, Sufiana will be almost 17 years. I will be 24 years the eldest! Oh my it will be so much one to be the eldest of all sisters! And Sarah, my cousin sister, will be 20 years. As now she is 4 years. And my sister Asmita will be just one month bigger than Sarah. And Sufiana will be the youngest!

photo Shoot

This is a pic of me Asmita, and Sufiana. Picture Credit- Mamma at Mommy-Labs.

Infact, this was one event i was talking about. I have one more event that i planned. And that is…

Me and my other good friend called Ananya always wanted to open a restaurant as we both have interest in cooking. But she used to say that running a restaurant is lot of work. We have to be there day and night, and she didn’t want that. Instead she has chosen to open a Coffee shop,- In the future of course!  We will sell coffee and bake different types of cakes and cupcakes.

And she always used to tell me, that when we grow up, we will study in the same college. And also, stay in the same house.

So i thought, why not travel also? Like i had a plan with my sisters, i can travel with my friends too.

I always imagine me serving people when i see a coffee shop:) I always had a dream to be a chef! And i will love to do it with my friend:) 

I think of how it’ll be, when i will be in the flight. To go to South Africa! I love the International Flights they give for abroad traveling.

I cannot wait to grow up!

Isn’t it readers? What full it be to travel different places! Do you like traveling?

That’s it for now. I have many more idea’s to share with you. But more on that later:)

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  1. Madhu says:

    Pari, its so nice to see that you have a good idea about what you want to be when you grow up. I absolutely like coffee and would not give that up at any cost (except when I was pregnant). With your interest in baking and coffee, I think you will make a very successful entrepreneur. Good luck!

    Yes, I also love traveling. We usually try and take at least 2 vacations a year.

    • Pari says:

      You are right Madhu. And, once as i have decided that i will travel and go to different places, i will surly make it happen in my future. Oh yes, even i am a big fan of coffee. But don’t drink much as it’s not good for children:) We travel a lot but just these we’re not able to because of heavy rains in Goa. And Sufiana doesn’t like being confined in the car. And we don’t like causing discomfort to Sufiana.

      Hugs to you and Megha!

  2. Mami says:

    I have to read this post out to Sarah, she is going to love it :)! The picture of the you Asmita and Sufu baby is so divine. Looks like three fairies are chatting and playing together. Awesome thoughts about the world travel. I wish I could also do that :(! Lets see when will I be able to do that but you should definitely do what you are planning of. It will be a wonderful enriching experience for all of you girls! And coffee shop, even me and Mannu have the same dream so lets see if we can make it come true and then you can also join us OR may be if you open it before us then we can ask you if you will let us join you in your venture! Loved this post like all others from you. Take care my dear.

    • parinita says:

      Thank you Mami:) Yes if you read this out to Sarah she must be glad to travel! Sure, if i open a coffee shop i will be sure to invite you too:) Thanks for commenting:)

      Love, Pari.

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