Five Fascinating Learnings from The Recent Trip To My Grandparents’ Home

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Me carrying luggage on the Kumta station.

In my unschooling life, me, mamma, and papa believe that every moment can be an opportunity to learn something new. Trips, of-course, are chalk-full of learning. All that traveling to and fro – by train or bus or flight, seeing so many people and places. If it’s a train journey, nothing else can beat the experience.

That was exactly how it turned out, recently, when we went to Sagara – my grandparents’ place. It was a week-long stay and full of fun and learning. There were many such moments. I’m sharing with you some of those that are top of my list.


1. Being a traveler on the Konkan Railway Route

To go to Sagara, we have to take the Konkan railway route – upto Kumta. The Konkan route passes through the lush greenery of the Western Ghats. I’d never before been through this railway route. Earlier whenever we went to my grandparents’s place, we went from Delhi and took a flight upto Bangalore and then the overnight train – which is not the Konkan route.

So, talking about the Konkan railways route – it’s breath-taking beautiful.

As I sat by the window seat seeing the endless greenery – the paddy fields, the streams, the rivers, the lakes, everything was just so peaceful.

Our journey to Kumta in the train was amazing.


The girl in the blue T shirt is me, and Sufiana is in the orange spotty dress, there’s my mom in the blue T shirt, and my Bua(black T shirt) my grandma, (maroon and pink sari) and my cousin sister- Asmita (orange frock).

1. Sitting Together

My love for cooking got a boost in Sagara. There i joined my grandmother in making some sweets. She had made a ‘gujhiya (momos) type sweet that’s stuffed with coconut and Bella/gur (jaggery). It’s good to learn a new recipe from your grandma, but more than enjoying the stuffing into the dough, i enjoyed sitting in the circle with all my family members doing it together. Sufiana was the youngest in the circle, and my grandma was the oldest!

2. My Passion for Cooking Gets a Real Test: The first time ever in my life I made so many rotis (Indian breads)

Okay, brace yourselves up to read this: I made 25 rotis myself for the first time ever in my life. There were 10-12 family members for dinner that evening. There was going to be rice and sambhar, too. So, we decided that two rotis per person would be required. And, I offered to make all the rotis. My mom, my grandmother – they resisted a bit. They said, they’ll make some and I can make a few. But, I wanted to make all the rotis. And, once I started, there was no stopping. I ended up making 25 rotis. It was definitely a tough job, though my mom helped me in roasting the rotis. However, rolling the rotis is the main part and i did all of that myself! And hey, I made them quite fast, too. That’s what everyone was saying. My grandma was totally surprised. She just couldn’t believe her eyes!

3. Learning a New Language by talking

My cousin sister, Asmita, is just 4 years old. She knows a little bit of Hindi or English and feels more comfortable conversing in her mother tongue – Kannada. So, I talked a lot with her in Kannada though I am not at all fluent in this language. First couple of days, I was shy and hesitant. But then, I would ask my father whenever I could not find the right word to use. Slowly, I gained confidence and I got over my shyness too. Asmita, too, was learning to speak in Hindi with me. She was also getting over her shyness and reluctance. We both were catching up fast – she with her Hindi and I, with my Kannada. Our family members were just so pleased and surprised to see us interact with ease, in spite of the language barrier.


5. The Weekly Vegetable Market

It was the biggest vegetable market i’ve ever seen. So many colours, sizes, shapes. And, such humungous heaps of tomotaoes, potatoes, beans and onions and greens! There were spices too. And, incense sticks. And, rangoli powder in such bright colours. I was overjoyed at these sights, for i could take so many pictures. And, I did take. Mamma too. It was crowded and dusty, but worth the visit. Here are some clicks from the photo-walk to the vegetable market.

Sagar 2014




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  1. suma says:

    This post of yours brought som many of my childhood memories with my grand mom and the many train journeys I have gone on. Did you cross Doodh Sagar falls?? The sweet you made is Kadabuu I guess and the market must be the Santee.. I must the my son on a long train journey too…. . just love your posts… keep writing

    • Parinita says:

      Thank you Suma! No, we didn’t cross Doodh Sagar falls. Oh, i was wondering about the sweet name and you told it to me:) Yes, train journeys are fun, i love to travel in train!
      I will keep writing!

  2. Madhu says:

    Loved reading your post Pari! As usual.
    You made 25 rotis?1 For real?! I myself cannot make as many in one go! way to go girl. I am so glad to know that you had fun at grand ma’s.

    And the local markets, they have a charm of their own isnt it? I loved all the pictures.

    By the way, which camera do you use, lense etc? I am planning on buying a camera to my almost 3 year old for her birthday. I needed some suggestions.

    Have I mentioned before? Love your new hair style!

    • Parinita says:

      Glad to know you liked my post Dear Madhu aunty. That’s right, i indeed get surprised myself when i remember i made so many rotis!

      Right. i’m charmed to know you liked the pictures.

      I used Mamma’s DSLR canon camera. I used a separate 50 mm lens mamma bought. I will think, and lend you some suggestions for camera.

      Oh yes! You’re right, i have cut my hair short:) Thank you, it’s very easy to manage with short hair you know.

  3. Rebecca says:

    You’re one of the smartest girls I know Pari. I love what you wrote, and I love the photos. Did you take the photos yourself? I really like the one with the carrots and the sacks of grain

    • Parinita says:

      It’s so wonderful to hear this from you Dear Rebecca. I am delighted that you like my post. Thank you, yes i took the pictures myself. I too like the one with the sacks of grain.

  4. Kuhoo says:

    Wow Pari! You made so many rotis…awesome darling. I shy away from rolling them when there are guests…I find it cumbersome. But next time, I ll keep ur post in mind n get inspired.
    Konkan track is said to be very beautiful. Im yet to experience it. Last time I traveled on Konkan, it was a night journey 🙁
    Languages are great tools for overall learning. So happy to read ur experience.
    God bless you dear 🙂

    • Parinita says:

      Thank you Kuhoo! You can travel on the Konkan railway track again in the day:) You’re right, learning languages is great for learning. It feels very good to learn a new language.

  5. Chachi says:

    Hiee Pari,
    Very beautiful blog. Very touching. Yes in ur unschooling life u can learn on ur own way,every moment is a learning. As the unschooling slogan says “Life is learning, learning is life.”:)
    Proud of u Pari, very nicely written on the all the 5 fascinating learnings.

    I have never travelled in konkon railway. Next time ll come to Goa through konkon.:P
    My favourite one is Sitting together. Loved it.:)
    U and Asmi talking, mutually understanding was fun, i should say though u really talk very nice kannada pari:)
    Cooking 25 rotis is like ufff amazing my dear. I myself have cooked only 10-12 max:D
    its great that u enjoyed the market.

    Keep writing Pari.


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