Kashmir: a Photo Essay!

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Hey today I’m going to share my Kashmir experience. Some days back we had gone to Kashmir. And you won’t believe how beautiful it was – the weather, mountains, streams. And well there was snow too. There is so much to see there. It was really peaceful…

Now I’m am going to share a photo essay with you all. I’ve clicked these pics with my Sony camera.

A beaudiful big field near pahalgam


The Wildflowers – Daisy – spread across the field. They were so dense, the grass looked white!

Some horse riders near pahalgam

Horse men roaming around looking for riders so they can earn some money.

Pari mahal srinager

Near our hotel there was a historical park called pari mahal.Β It was good..

Flowers in pari mahal

In pari mahal itself there was another small park that was nice and green. my mamma opened her slippers and walked around in the fresh green grass. it was not too hot so the grass was also not tough to walk on..

Srinager on shickara boat

In srinagar we stayed on a house boat (it didn’t move) and went about on a shikara (type of boat). Our houseboat was on the Nigeen lake. It was connected to the Dal lake.

scenery of pahalgam

A beautiful scenery across the big fields in pahalgam..

And one more nice surprise – in Aru valley my mamma was collecting dry, fallen flowers and I took a pic of one of those.

Poppy flowers in aru valley

Field in aru

A grassy plateau near a water stream we went to…

Aru valley near are hut
This is me in a fluffy coat to protect myself from the strong breeze. This was near our cottage.
pic near aru valley

Now, this is a magnificent picture isn’t it? Do you like it?

Well there it ends. i hope you liked the photo essay.


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  1. Papa says:

    Pari. This post is very beautiful. I love all the pictures that you have taken, but the best one is the one that is uploaded last. I’m looking forward to more such photo essays from you. How was your experience visiting baisaran over a pony? Can you do one post on that as I really loved our time together riding on a pony and also our experience of seeing how to change a horse shoe.

    • Pari says:

      Ha sure avielabs i will love to take your idea over my blog i am doing more

      and more posts you know and i did one more post after the ‘Kashmir’ the photo
      essay i did.. whatever it is SURPRISE it is a nice post even mamma

      said please check soon and then reply.. ok and missing you a lot love you…kiss you..hug you..

      Hugs Pari:-)

  2. Ranjana says:

    Hi Pari πŸ™‚ Kashmir is so beautiful!! Enjoyed the photo essay dear!! The first pic where daisy flowers are spread across so beautifully, thinking of painting that one πŸ™‚ and u in that fluffy coat looking very cute pari πŸ™‚ n that last pic is just amazing!!
    Keep writing..more πŸ™‚
    C u soon πŸ™‚

    • Pari says:

      Yeah chachi you are quite right Kashmir is very very nice with it’s landscapes and greenery, well chachi have u gone to Kashmir? if not then you should it is amazing… and chachi i forgot to say you really do amazing paintings why don’t you keep panting and make painting as your courier? i think that is a nice idea i think, well it is boring just going to office and doing work don’t you think? reply soon to these lines i will be waiting…

      Love Pari:-)

  3. Mami says:

    Lovely pictures. Specially Daisy and the one with close up of a single flower and the lat one. Interesting this is the angle from which you have clicked these. Kashmir is one inspiring place isn’t it. I feel like going there again and again. Don’t know when will I be able to go next :(. I want to see more pictures that you clicked. We will sit at your place one day and glance through all of them. I know it will be a treat to watch :). Love you.

    • Pari says:

      sure honey(mami) all of us will love to glance though those pics me and mamma have taken all of us think after all Kashmir is a amazing place i just want to go there again well i think mamma liked Kashmir more then south Africa? well south Africa was also nice, but including the landscapes i think she liked Kashmir more?? and how about honey.. we will all once go to Kashmir and ENJOY.. plus one more think any plans for Sarah bdy well it is coming CLOSE.. lets see reply soon honey love you..

      love pari

      Love Pari:-)

  4. Mannu Mama says:

    Hey TinguRam! This was a lovely photo essay! You have clicked some very nice pictures buddy.. I liked each one of them. I’m sure you have dozens more. Let’s watch them together next time we meet. Also, this reminded me of my own trip to Kashmir last year. Yes, it’s absolutely beautiful!

    By the way, this photo essay is a good idea to share through your blog. What about your Bharatpur trip? You must have clicked a lot of pictures there in the national park, didn’t you? So, it could be your next post then?! πŸ™‚

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