A Trip To The Oldest And Biggest House In Goa – And Three Things I Liked Best About This Trip

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the menezes branganza house

Today, we visited a place called Chandor. In Chandor, there’s Menezes Branganza house. It’s a Portuguese house. It’s amazing—it’s really, really old, built in the 16 century. Read more about it here.

ancient piano

Isn’t this awesome?

  1. The keys of this piano were so ancient and rustic looking. The cracks in the keys are there because the piano is really really old—around 400 or 450 years old, but actually, that is the part i found unique. It gave it such an old and rusty look. I was just SO excited when I saw this piano, because i was actually wondering that why don’t they have one. And when the lady, who showed us the house(from the 14 century) said the word “piano” I stopped what I was looking and grinned to see the it. The sound which came from it—were not just any normal sounds that come from Piano’s of this generation. Each key had a tune, and as I listened to it I felt as if I would twirl away……and start to dance—in the majestic and HUGE, spacious ballroom they had.


2.   I really liked the ballroom. It was so spacious. I felt like dancing… and dancing….  and dancing—forever.

tortoise shell

3.  This was just shell shocking. Can you believe this—this’s a tortoise shell! Isn’t it huge? At first I couldn’t believe that this is a turtle shell. Actually, there’s a beach called Morjim Beach in North Goa, which is FILLED with olive ridley turtles! They come during Jan-Feb, to lay their eggs. I really want to go there, I wonder how they will be!

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  1. Miquela says:

    That ballroom is lovely, even with the ageing, maybe especially because of it; it adds mystery, character, atmosphere…

    • Parinita says:

      You’re right, Miquela. It was really beautiful. Though the house is really old, actually that’s adding a beautiful atmosphere(as you said) to the house.

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