A Serene Spot in Nature: Where the Wildflowers Grow

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me and sufi on the side-walk

Goa is the best place ever – for greenery and nature. No matter where you go, you’ll find a water body or two; paddy fields, cattle, cattle egrets and yes – wildflowers!

There is a place called Talolem bridge (with backwaters underneath) not very far from our house where we can hang around for hours. This place is rich in natural beauty. It is carpeted with wildflowers in different sizes and colors! This is what I love about being in Goa – we don’t have to travel long distances to find a special picnic spot. Like we had to – in Delhi or in other places. Here, you step out of the house, and you’ll find a serene, quiet corner to enjoy with family.

I felt so wild and free being there! I so love taking pictures in such places. The beauty of nature here was worth taking pictures of! There was no crowd though we were on the main road.

I didn’t have to worry when crossing the main road to run towards the other side of the fields away from my parents. I could be myself, express my joy and wonder by talking loudly, laughing wildly and running here and there. There were only goats, buffaloes, birds and us!

So, here are some pictures from that wild nature walk!


Mamma first thought it was a tiger beetle but then got to know the real name, which is – Jewel Bug or metallic shield bug. These bugs are similar to beetles in some ways. What magnificent colours! You can read more about this bug here.


This wild-flower/plant is called Oriental Sesame.  In Hindi, it’s called Til.

| Flowering Time: August-October.

| Sesame Flower’s seeds are rich source of oil (sesame oil). We use this oil in cooking. 

These flowers were spotted near the track where we were walking. It felt like velvet or silk when i touched them, they were so soft! Sufiana loved touching it too.




This picture was interesting to me. I like the house and the composition. The house gives a wild and rustic look.


These are algae Moss that i spotted. And the funny thing is that, there are flowers sprouted on it!  The 50-mm cannon lens that I used allowed me to focus just on one flower making the background blurry. I managed to get some bokeh (bubbles of light in the background).


These wildflowers were small but yet so beautiful! That cheerful yellow spread almost everywhere!

I had never seen so many Wildflowers anywhere. else. (Okay, except maybe Kashmir).


Sufiana loves animals. This time she thought this goat was a dog and became very excited!


The fragrance of this wild flower made me want to sniff it again and again! It was like perfume and looked beautiful from far.

Talolem Bridge

I liked the composition and rusty railing.

Do you have a favorite place in India (or outside) to live – for its natural beauty? I’d love to know your thoughts.

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  1. Padma says:

    Amazing pictures Pari!! I felt as if i’m there with you. Many of these wildflowers are part of my childhood – Kerala is so much like Goa, a picnic spot in every corner, lots of greenery and freedom.

    The algae you clicked, is actually a variety of moss. The flowers used to be a favorite toy. If you pluck each delicate stem and cross the heads and pull, they’ll snap off. We used to pretend they were soldiers at war. A bit violent, but my friends were boys and they loved such games.

    Loved this walk I took with you in Goa. Keep writing and keep clicking. I love to see your blog Pari!

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