Discovering My Love For Dogs, Overcoming My Fear Of Them – # 1

Wild Discovery Week 4 : Discovering My Love For Dogs

This post, is not a wild find but a discovery about myself. The person who used to shiver when a dog would walk past me. And now I want a dog as a companion. The same girl ‘me’ who used to be extremely scared of dogs. I’m starting to see dogs in a whole new world, these days. I don’t see them in that four-legged-figure I used to see earlier. I see them differently. I see them as a friend, and not just that – I’m started to get past my fears. I’ve suddenly seemed to love them. For a playmate, companion, friend, and most of them all: family member.

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A Wild Discovery and An Art: A Tribute to A Fallen, Old Giant

Wild Discovery And A Art - Tribute To A Old GiantI somehow love old trees. Trees with hanging areal roots, trees that are big enough to do a picnic underneath, trees that are tall and strong, with a dark deep chocolaty color to the bark. Bark that are so artful with a variety of textures and patterns and streaks.

One of my favorites was this HUGE tree in three kings church(a beautiful and serene place in Majorda, Goa.) It was I guess 15 – 16 feet tall with huge dangling areal roots that looked like ropes. I’d jump up and try to grab one, and stay up with it.  So, we went to Three Kings Church last week. We’d just parked the car. I was fiddling around on the road leading to the site of the church – trying to make a caterpillar climb on the tip of my umbrella — when I heard mamma shout, “Pari COME FAST! This is the biggest wild discovery ever!” So I left the caterpillar on the stony ground and rushed up to her.

And, I gasped – my mouth agape.

That huge tree, with dangling roots, in three kings church, had fallen. There it lay—the big, old, old tree supine on the ground. It’s thick rough bark shining in the evening sun.

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In the Middle of a Tropical Storm! #WildDiscoveries (plus, a WILD announcement)

Wild Discoveries In My Yard - Tropical Cyclones

Have you ever gone through a cyclone? The is the first time in all these 9 and a half years, which was, unbelievably, 3-4 days back. Seriously, guys! If you’d see the coconut trees at that moment, it’s sure that they’d swoop down and break, any time. Well, thankfully they didn’t, but that was on the verge of happening. I was caught in my yard. I know, right? Yard? This place is something else!

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Wild Discoveries From My Yard: Mycorrhiza Fungus

micorrhiza - a organic gardeners best friend!

Our monsoons have just started, and everything’s so lush green.  It’s just turned beautiful all around our yard. Birds chirping, wind chime tingling, tree’s swaying. The sky is a luminous kingfisher blue—the rains sure do make everything more beautiful!

On one of those bright sunny mornings, when the floor was really damp but the sun was shining, mamma called me in the yard. I looked curious, and wanted her to say something. Then, out of the blue she pointed to a little yellow thing with a curved shape on the top. It was in the soil.

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