Coconut Trees Playing Holi – My New Watercolor Painting

Holi In Goa - My coconut tree painting

In Goa, Coconut trees are everywhere. They are just beautiful. And as you see, we have really heavy monsoon in Goa—-when the heavy rains falls on the great coconut trees, it creates a unbelievable splashing sound. In one way, that’s the beauty of goa. So, this art of mine, is inspired by me and mamma looking up in the sky—seeing the big leaves swaying one side of the other, in the breeze. The gigantic leaves, almost touching the ground—the coconut trees.

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Playing With Colors: Handmade Valentine Bookmarks

Handmade Bookmarks

Usually, when i’m done with my craft, I save all the little pieces of cuttings that are left, for future projects. But yesterday, “Pari, why don’t you use it right away?  my Mamma said when I was about to stash the papers in my drawer.”Okay”, I said. After a while, I sat down on my table, and just looked at the little scraps of paper. And suddenly, I remembered some watercolor techniques me and mamma saw together. I was feeling wild. So I took my brush and started painting the little scrap of paper with colors…. Mixed them… Played with them, the effects of the water, and colors mixing were unbelievable. And soon, I was done.

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A Watercolor Valentine’s Calendar

Beautiful Handmade Calendar
I’m always excited to do watercolor art. There’s some beauty in it. It can easily merge into anything, it has the softness.

And i made a watercolor art. (picture is above). It’s a really unique type of art, and it’s beautiful. This is the first time i’m making a calendar art like this.

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My Feelings About Santa Claus

my santa claus drawing

This is a watercolor painting I did of Santa.

Christmas is almost there, and I can’t wait to celebrate it! it’s my most favorite festival, and there’s more to it too—I totally believe in Santa Claus. I’ve been writing to him since last two Christmas, and now, too. I’ve written a 3-paged letter to him, this time, and i just can’t wait to keep it on my table, for him to see it when he comes to my house!

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Watercolour Blob Art – Let Your Imagination Soar!


I found this pin on Pinterest a week back about watercolor blob art which i thought was a great idea. Then, i visited the link to the pin and found the website elvie studio. She shares creative art and craft(mostly art) ideas and is an artist. After looking at her blog, I looked at her post about Watercolor blob art which turned out so cute. You can turn just a blob of watercolor into cute birds and other farm animals just with a pen, some watercolor paint, a brush, some water (to rinse the brush) and watercolor paper!

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