Valentines Day – DIY Hand-Painted Heart Table

Valentines Day - Diy Hand-Painted Heart Table!

This table has been my long time partner in hundreds of creative art and writing projects. It has been with me since I was four years old. These two chairs, Mamma and me have sat on side by side, every afternoon. If you talk about giving “space”for getting the “flow”to do your creative things, then, literally, this table has given me the “space” with it’s wide and long surface!

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5 Fabulous Valentine’s Art Projects

5  fun valentine's day projects

I don’t know why, but unlike last year, I’ve been really eager and ecstatic for valentine’s day. My almost every single craft this year is containing a valentine’s day symbol! Heart—anyways, has been my favorite shape for years. So, i’m happy to tell you that, I’ve made 5 valentine’s day projects in the past ten days!

Have you made anything for valentine’s day, too? If yes, do share it with me!

Now, here’s the list of all the valentine’s day art and craft i’ve done.

  1. Love Valentine Tape Resist Art + Oil Pastel
  2. Valentine’s Craft: a Accordian Book In a Matchbox
  3. Playing With Colors: Handmade Valentine Bookmarks
  4. A Watercolor Valentine’s Calendar
  5. Colorful Acrylic Dot Heart: Decorating For Valentine’s Day

That’s it! Happy Valentine’s Week, Happy Hearts! And see you on valentine’s day!