Being Away From Sufiana Makes Me Love Her More

Me And Sufiana

“Akka? Akka?” I heard Sufiana say from the distance. My heart melted then and there. I looked toward my house door, where she was—standing, and looking at me with those innocent and sparkling eyes she had. Her sweet voice made me want to run back to my house and stay right there. It was a heart melting sight.

Though I don’t go much to play at my friend’s house, which is right beside mine, or any other place to play, there are days when i spend my whole day playing from morning to evening, or sometimes, night! In those days, Sufiana misses me a LOT. Really. Today was one of those day when i spent my whole day playing. And Sufiana?

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These Fleeting Moments With My Baby Sister: A Life-time Opportunity For Me


Sufiana (my sister) continues to delight me and dazzle me every day. She’s the joy and wonder of my life. These days, she stands on her own for a longish stretch compared to couple of months back. She holds on to a support and stands for many seconds – with her hands outstretched in the air! As she realizes she is standing without any support, she gets delighted – her eyes sparkling like diamonds and the happiness reflecting in those big, innocent eyes – as if to say, “Look, look! Pari, Mamma! I am standing on my own. I’m having so much fun!”

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What Will I Do 16 Years Down The Line…

Me sarah and sufiana Polka dotty!

This is a pic of Me, My Cousin Sister Sarah, and Sufiana! Picture Credit- Manish Jaju– My uncle has taken this pic. 

Do you know what is going to happen in the future? Well, i some how do, at least one event which i will make happen in my future. And that event will be 16 years down the line…That is us the 4 sisters, who are Me, along with my little sister Sufiana, with my 2 other Cousin Sisters, Sarah and Asmita. Will travel the world to places like South Africa which is one place i am desperate to go to, again and again, as i once went when i was 5 years old. And found it amazing! And loved the places like Knysna, Capetown, Harmanus! We saw so many wild animals there.

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