The Very Beany Coffee Quiz – Know Your Coffee!


Coffee has literally taken over the world. It’s the 2nd most consumed food behind oil! Do you like Coffee? Well, this brown-magical-caffiene drink really charms people! And ofcourse, none other than myself. Yup, I absolutely adore coffee. And I mean, ADORE. I bet you didn’t know that! First is obviously the taste, but the aroma – you know you can’t hold back when you whiff that scent as you enter your nearby coffee shop. So guys. You know I had to do a coffee quiz! Coffee is not as bad as you think. Without the sugar put into it because of its bitterness, it’s quite healthy! But.. before we get into it…

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The Goa You Really Didn’t Know – Take This Goa Quiz!

The Goa You Didn't Really Know - Take this quiz!

Who doesn’t like learning more, and more? Especially when you can with just a click of a button. I personally love taking online quizzes – it’s quite entertaining! I’ve been wanting to do my own quiz for long, and now I did it! We’re never too much to learn about our own culture (and others), so this one is a Goa quiz! (Where I live.) Dive in and participate in my quiz, to check your Goa quotient! I’ll be doing many more – quizzes on coffee, personality quizzes, you can never know too much about.. anything. I’ve put together 11 interesting questions for this one (with results!)

Let’s just get into it, shall we?

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