The Dance, and Beauty Of Peacocks; A Trip To Mysore’s Kaaranji Lake Nature Park

I just can’t stop looking at it. It’s sapphire-blue body, in midst of the green. It’s hazel eyes – so detailed with a little white sparkle in each one. It’s feathers as we all know – absolutely, gorgeous.

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Five Fascinating Learnings from The Recent Trip To My Grandparents’ Home


Me carrying luggage on the Kumta station.

In my unschooling life, me, mamma, and papa believe that every moment can be an opportunity to learn something new. Trips, of-course, are chalk-full of learning. All that traveling to and fro – by train or bus or flight, seeing so many people and places. If it’s a train journey, nothing else can beat the experience.

That was exactly how it turned out, recently, when we went to Sagara – my grandparents’ place. It was a week-long stay and full of fun and learning. There were many such moments. I’m sharing with you some of those that are top of my list.

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