Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs – Movie Review

ice age coloring page Tinker Earth

I recently saw the movies Ice Age 2 as well as 3. I liked 3 more than 2 because it was more adventurous. I’ll share my views about Ice Age 3.

I liked all the characters but the character I liked best was Manny – the Father Mammoth and Ellie – the mother Mammoth. They were very cute and funny. I loved their baby – Peaches – a lot. She had such big eyes and was so small and cute.

The kids’ playground was a very good idea and a very good creation. Ellie liked it very much. It had a wooden slide and small pieces of ice used as decorations.

Sid the sloth was really funny to look at. His teeth were cartoonish – protruding out. He also had a funny voice and a weird way to talk. His eyes were misplaced – somewhere near his ears!

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