Art For Today: Cherry Blossom Stamp Art + Some Interesting Facts

Art For Today : Cherry Blossoms Out The Window

I sighed. I was itching to find a stamping card idea, and execute it in my art. (I was seeing idea’s on Pinterest) but I couldn’t. I don’t know why.

“Ugh.” I scrolled, and scrolled, then suddenly a image popped up.  What? I clicked on the picture and… drum roll! After tons of huffing and puffing, I’d finally found something that I liked…

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Coconut Trees Playing Holi – My New Watercolor Painting

Holi In Goa - My coconut tree painting

In Goa, Coconut trees are everywhere. They are just beautiful. And as you see, we have really heavy monsoon in Goa—-when the heavy rains falls on the great coconut trees, it creates a unbelievable splashing sound. In one way, that’s the beauty of goa. So, this art of mine, is inspired by me and mamma looking up in the sky—seeing the big leaves swaying one side of the other, in the breeze. The gigantic leaves, almost touching the ground—the coconut trees.

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Three Seasons Tape Resist Art



I tell you i have fallen in love with Tape Resist, so here’s another one! And the most beautiful and hardworking and ambitious one: expressing the transition of seasons. It’s a triptych – a first one I’ve ever made. You see, I told you, it IS a tough and ambitious project. And, I think I pulled this off to my satisfaction.

I did this on a large canvas.

This idea of 3 season has been on my mind since quite some, but i didn’t sit down to do it because i thought it’d be difficult. But one day, gathering up some courage i finally sat down to do this Triptych art. I narrated my vision to Mamma and she helped me execute it.

My initial idea was to paint three separate branches in each panel (season), but then Mamma proposed one branch expanding into all the three seasons. I liked that idea because I thought it depicts the transition of seasons nicely.

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Tape Resist Night Sky Art On Canvas



Making Tape resist art is fun – I have to say that because it is easy to start off with. You just have to apply some tape on your art surface (paper/canvas). That gives you the framework in which you can paint or draw. Otherwise, doing art on a blank canvas maybe very daunting. Your mind can go blank.  That’s what happened with me when mamma gave me that canvas. I felt inhibited. I had no idea what I could paint or draw on it. And, if that might not come out well and spoil the canvas. Mamma and I discussed a bunch of ideas. Nothing appealed to me. Then mamma suddenly said: “Tape Resist? Should we do that?” And i jumped to it. Yes. We’ve done that in the past and I know how much i enjoyed it.

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