Unique And Interesting Finds At The Vaadi Beach!

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Vaadi Beach

Waves? Water? Puddles? Splash? All the things are there – in Goa!

It was 3 days before. And a weekend, Papa was free. Where did we decided to spend the day? The beach of course! Which beach?  The Vaadi beach!

We decided to have our lunch and dinner on that shack facing the sea. We went for walks in the water, collecting shells, splashing in the water. Of-course, didn’t I tell you – Sufi loves water so much , she couldn’t help going into the water!

Our feet was making crunching noise underneath because of the sea shells. And then, mamma suddenly caught sight of a butterfly lying still on the sand. Its wings had vibrant colors, lush black with patterns in red and white. We soon realized that it was dead and we all got upset about how precious it was, and lying dead. Mama carefully took the butterfly on her palm and we all started walking towards the shack. Once there, she gently placed the butterfly on the table on the back in the shack.


The front tables were in direct sea wind. She placed the butterfly in between the folds of a tissue paper and laid another tissue paper on it. Then she placed a sea shell on top of it, so it wouldn’t be carried away by the wind.

the butterfly

We then had delicious Lasagne, we went back to take a walk on the sea shore. While we were walking I and mama saw another butterfly laying dead on a rough grainy sand! She did the same with this butterfly and laid it on her palm.

After we saved the butterfly, Mamma and Papa both exclaimed “Pari, look at that ox having bathed by some men in the sea”! I Looked at the ox, not very far away having bath in the sea by some men. Because Mamma was nursing, me and Papa ran toward the ox. It was – HUGE. Like, really huge. With horns bulging out of this muscular body.

ox in the sea

 While we kept walking and collecting sea shells and soon had to head towards the shack because it started to get pitch dark, and had to place the butterfly safely. She laid this on top of earlier butterfly and then we had dinner, pizza and plum juice, we decided to head home. On this trip, not only we enjoyed the sea, we met so many new people and collected precious butterfly. While I was in the car holding the butterfly, mama reminded me to hold the butterfly gently and not press it too hard.

“I sure will, Mamma, I sure will!”

 When we reached home, I couldn’t stop gazing at those butterflies. And soon went to take bath. After I had bath, I quickly gazed at butterfly to see if it was safe. Alas! it wasn’t safe. It was attacked by whole gang of teeny weeny red ants! I started jumping up and down and rushed towards the kitchen. Mama! Mama! I shouted, our butterflies are attacked by a group of red ants!

My parents exchanged looks with each other and ran towards the hall. They panicked and started stroking the butterfly for the ants to go away. I was very worried if  the butterfly will break it wings, and couldn’t stop telling mama to stroke it gently.

Once the butterfly was safe, we decided to keep to keep it in a air tight box for the time being, till we would preserve it. I had first decided to keep it in my botanical journal, witch my dear blogger friend Madhu had gifted to me. But, I couldn’t because Mamma told me it would attract red ants again.

It was a wonderful evening! Do you like keeping any butterflies, or any other dead creatures if you find any? This was the first time I found a dead butterfly. What about you?

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  1. Madhu says:

    See this is the very thing i miss so much about India. It doesnt matter which time of the year it is, it lets you enjoy the beach. It was -19 D C this morning and its only November!

    Pari, when I was young, we had big trees in the front and the backyard. Sparrows used to nest there. Of ten we would find a dead sparrow in the yard. I used to bury them in our backyard with my mom’s help. I never really tried preserving anything that is dead. Are you planning using some kind of a chemical to prevent decomposition?

    • Parinita says:

      HI Madhu, sorry for my late response.

      Exactly! You’re right. Really? 19 D C!? It really is very cold!

      Nice! I also used to bury different insects with my friends, like a dead ladybug or other animals if i saw them when I was in Delhi. Where we lived earlier, was a complex/society.

      Well, actually this also is the first time when i am preserving anything.

      Um.. No Madhu, we have still not figured out if we will like to use chemical to prevent decomposition.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Sunita says:

    Pari! What an adventure you guys had on the beach! I can’t believe that huge ox! And, ants are really strange, aren’t they? I think they love protein and can some how “smell” it from miles away. Insects are mostly made of a protein called “chitin” that’s super strong (it’s their “exo-skeleton” which means that the chitin is an exterior support for bugs’ muscles and organs instead of a boney, internal skeleton like we humans have). Every time I trim my protein-filled fingernails outdoors, ants seem to come out of nowhere and pick up the nail clippings and run away with them! So strange!

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