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You might wonder what do I do at home all day. Well, I write, make art, read books. But hey, I also do chores. And, I think it’s pretty interesting. I like to do dishes, fold cloths, clean my room… Oh well! Not everyday, but sometimes when my room gets cluttered, I clean it. But the one very thing I love doing is making a cozy bed for my self. Do you know what that means? Find out…

Yes, that means I put some pillows under the  soft bunny blanket (my Grandma/Nani got it) plus some soft baby quilt. With all this, it feels like a water bed. Yes, it becomes super soft and plump. I also put some pillows around to place my hands on it. And when it’s done you feel so comfy and cozy that you can actually fall asleep in five seconds. The blanket which I  use for this cozy bed is so soft it feels like bird’s feathers or rabbit’s furry body.

My nani gifted this bunny blanket for my birthday. She is a very kind hearted and thoughtful woman. She loves bringing gifts for me. I’d say, buying things for me is her hobby!

Do you also have a cozy corner where you like to read your favorite book? 🙂

Here’s one more look at how I made it –

reading corner children

By looking at this pic, I am feeling like jumping into the bed right now!

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  1. Khiyali says:

    Mmmm… Comfy! I want to try that! I sometimes take a book, and while I read it, I play with a magnet toy. It’s nice to do that for loooong books. But maybe next time I’ll make a soft soft soft bed, and play with a magnet toy as well! COMBINED IDEA. But the book is really the best part I guess…

    • Pari says:

      Yes khiyali try that it is a good idea, try to make a soft bed. You can read books peacefully. And yes playing with a magnet is much fun, It’s very much exiting looking at those magnets stick together. And yes you’re right reading the book is the perfect thing to relax…:-)

  2. Madhu says:

    Hi pari, the blankie is beautiful. Ah! I would give (almost) anything to be on one such bed!
    It gives me an idea, maybe I should give one such blanket to my daughter who just turned two for valentines day!
    BTW, congratulations on the birth of your little sister.

  3. parinita says:

    Thank you, madhu. My small sister, her name is sufiana. She will turn 3 months, day after tomorrow on Feb 2. My grandma brought that beautiful blanket on my birthday.

    • Pari says:

      Thank you! My grandmother bought it for my birthday:-) Its a cozy rabbit blankie.! You can try it at home if you like too. You will not be able to get from the bed.:-)!

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