These Fleeting Moments With My Baby Sister: A Life-time Opportunity For Me

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Sufiana (my sister) continues to delight me and dazzle me every day. She’s the joy and wonder of my life. These days, she stands on her own for a longish stretch compared to couple of months back. She holds on to a support and stands for many seconds – with her hands outstretched in the air! As she realizes she is standing without any support, she gets delighted – her eyes sparkling like diamonds and the happiness reflecting in those big, innocent eyes – as if to say, “Look, look! Pari, Mamma! I am standing on my own. I’m having so much fun!”

And watching her stand is the biggest delight (and a show!) for me and Mamma. And more than that seeing the joy on her face is pure bliss. As she loses her balance while standing, she falls flat on her back onto the bed – laughing hard! And, we laugh with her, which multiplies her thrill!

She stands for as long as she can when she is not conscious about it. As soon as she is conscious, she lands onto the bed!

It feels like she’d start walking anytime/any day now. She’s getting bigger – she’ll be 11 months in two days. Couple of days back, when I went shopping for some frocks for her, Papa and I asked for a 1-year old’s size. And it suddenly occurred to me – “one year old, is she that big already! I wonder how time passes.” It feels like yesterday when we were in Delhi and she was a tiny baby. It’s hard to believe we landed six months back here in Goa.

That’s why, I try to feel within me how each moment is special.

Yesterday, when me and she were playing in front of this huge mirror near our room, voila! – she stood there for twenty seconds!

If she’d just take a step forward, she’d start to walk! We had lots of fun. She laughed so hard she started to cough. I am the perfect entertainer for her. Mamma says the way she plays with me, she plays with no one else, not even with Mamma. As soon as i come in the room, she crawls as fast as she can thinking i’d catch her from behind (which i do a lot with her)! I hide under the bed and she comes after me peeking down looking at me if i am hiding. Then suddenly i jump up and run after her and she crawls so fast nearly pushing her head into the bed!

I wonder when one day I’ll open my eyes and she’ll be grown up – no longer a baby that I now hold in my arms so easily. So, I should enjoy her baby-hood now as much as I can. For, she could be walking soon and she may not want to be in my arms as much. Then, I might feel, “Um, I like it now but it was so special when she was little and would point to various things and places so I would carry her there”. Every phase of a baby is beautiful in itself.

So this is a life-time opportunity to enjoy my baby sister and love her like there’s no tomorrow. There’s no way I can miss these moments right now.

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  1. Priya Desikan says:

    So beautiful and touching! Thank you for sharing how you feel…..can feel your joy miles away :)….and yes, hope you enjoy every moment so fully that you won’t feel that you missed any!

  2. Madhu says:

    Dear Pari, you are so right. Treasure each day with her! time flies. Take lots and lost of pictures.

    On a side note, have you started making any diwali crafts yet? Would love to have any ideas for my 3 year old.

  3. Sadhana Bhagwat says:

    Sadhana Bhagwat says: October 13, 2014 at 10:05 AM

    Hi Pari, so nice to read your blog. You express yourself beautifully. And I have to keep reminding myself that you are a baby yourself still!! 🙂


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