Different Ways I Play With My Little Sister-Sufiana Is 9+ Months!

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Sufi Playing Piano In Delhi!

Sufi has been fond of music, ever since she was born. When we went to Delhi back from Goa (she was born here) the i pod became a part and parcel of the room where she slept, for she wouldn’t go to sleep without the songs being played on the ipod.

And, knowing her love for music, we knew she might like the piano or the big keyboard that we have. Ofcourse she did!

And, now, the keyboard is where she and I spend some quality time playing notes, checking out the buttons! And she is especially very amused when she listens to the different sounds in the Keyboard named: Heart beat sound, punch etc.

I one day took her to the Keyboard, while everyone else was having dinner, and I was with her for nearly an hour or more. She and I browsed the various songs. Some of those songs are Karaokes you can sing along. At that moment I was reminded of some beautiful memories of me dancing on all of those songs when I was younger – say – 3 or 4. Then, I imagined me and Sufiana dancing together on these songs, when she’s three or four. I sometimes feel, “Wow! Only 3 months left for Sufi’s one-year birthday! And imagine her taking steps and walking towards me.”

Jumping toward the camera!

She usually gives me signs to communicate that she wants to go to the Keyboard. She points to it, and says “ho” and looks at me! She enjoys exploring the buttons, and keys by banging and running her hands through them. And, when she hits hard, I tell her to be gentle. I’m sure she has begun to understand now. The funny thing is that, when someone tries to play something with her to show her on the keyboard, she pushes his/her hand as if saying: “Let me play by myself”!


Sufiana with her Grandmother (nani).


  • We have a really big (floor to ceiling) mirror just outside one of the rooms, and I can’t begin to explain how Sufiana loves looking into it. She looking at herself with much curiosity. She jumps, and squeals. I sometimes say to her: “Sufiana! Look there is your twin sister in the mirror!” and she looks back at me.

IMG_5334 (1)

Initially she would get puzzled seeing those ‘mirror people’; she would look into the mirror and then look back at me as if to make sure in whose arms she actually is and who’s real and who’s not.

But now, I am pretty sure she understands the concept of mirror, I mean not in the scientific way of it but that the people outside the mirror are the real ones.

I also ‘play’ with her ย by way of having conversations.

Like real conversations I’d have with someone of my age, or even adults. I don’t mean I treat her like a grown-up kid or an adult. But, mamma tells me that having meaningful conversations with babies is good for them (and for us). Sometimes, while playing on the bed she suddenly stops and starts saying something to me. Or many times, when she wants to show me something she points to it with her finger and says: “Aauu”.

And given that we have a space around our house, with so much greenery, I show her birds and butterflies and buffaloes, which she really enjoys and appreciates. When showing her, I tell her, “Look Sufi! A ย butterfly – over there!” And see looks back at me surprised as if to say – “I like it”.

And the surprising thing is that now she constantly points to things to ask us what this is and what that is. She’s always wanting to know more about her surroundings – inside house and outside. She also points when she wants to show us something; when something catches her eye.


On the Pallolem Beach.

Sufiana loves being on the beach. And she loves to play on the waves. So when we are carrying her she tells us to let her be on the sand or in water.

So, Sufiana and I play, interact and bond in so many ways. Though she’s much smaller than me, we enjoy each other’s company. I can say she’s my playmate and I’m hers.

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  1. Mami says:

    We are able to see her grow through the posts you write about her :)! She is so lucky to have a loving and caring sister like you. I wish we could see this bonding and all this in person :(. Earlier Sarah showed her affection for you and missed you but now she has started lovin Sufi baby a lot. The moment we talk of her she is filled with affection for her. Those are such beautiful ways in which the two of you are building up your bond. May god bless you both!
    Love and Hugs

    • Parinita says:

      Thank you for both of the lovely comments Mami! Yes. And i am sure Sufiana will love Sarah a lot when she grows up. She feels delighted to see people of her age like Sarah. I am sure Sarah, and the new baby will make amazing company with Sufiana. As they all will be small babies! And Sarah will be the eldest of all of them. They’d love to play with each other:)

      Thank you for the comments again!
      Hugs and kisses to you too!

    • Parinita says:

      Yes, even i do like this tagline:) But i am actually quite confused between: creativity is earth’s desire and this. I was thinking to do a blog post on all different tag lines. And all the audience can vote for which one is the best. What say Mami? I thought of this more, because i am making my own business card for my blog. And the tagline in that will stay the same. So i may choose the best one. I told Nani about the tag line and she loved it!

      I will soon do a blog post about that!

  2. Mama says:

    Such a lovely post, Tingu-ram! It’s very interesting to know (and then imagine!) what the two of you little girls are doing together! ๐Ÿ™‚ I tell you (and I’m sure you’ve thought about it yourself), this blog of yours is going to become a treasure chest in years to come, when you both grow up to become big girls.

    BTW, reading this post reminded me again that you used to play the keyboard so well and with so much of interest; I am secretly hoping you’ll pick that interest back again (if you haven’t already) ๐Ÿ™‚

    The pictures you shared are lovely. I particularly like the two where you are holding Sufi in front of the mirror. Her expressions are both funny and full of amazement, and I can see you’re thoroughly enjoying it yourself! Haha!

    Hey I like your new blog tagline, but I had quite liked the previous one as well! So, I think doing a post about this and asking for your readers’ opinion, as you mentioned in your comment, is also an interesting idea (though my guess is, it might leave you more confused! Hehehe!.. and just because both the tag lines are so nice!). Go for it, and I’ll be scratching my head myself as to which one I vote for! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Talk to you soon! Love and hugs, to you and your bum-chum li’l sister ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Parinita says:

    Thank you so much for the lovely comment Mama! I am so happy to see your comment after so many days on my blog! Oh yes, it will be so fun to read these posts when i and Sufiana grow up. It will be exiting to read how i wrote when i was young. Even Sufiana will love to see post written about her. Hmm, i am wanting to find a music teacher here in Goa, but there are none, all are in north Goa:(

    But i have learned some Bollywood songs by learning on YouTube.

    Thank you! Those pictures are taken by Mamma. That’s true i too love taking her to the mirror!

    Yes, the previous tagline was also quite good. I will make a post about which tagline do the audience like.

    And, well,! I am making my own business card for my blog!! That is why i was wanting to choose the right Tagline for my blog, because that will stay in the business card for quite some time. I will love to see your opinion on the taglines!:)

    See you! Hugs and kisses to you,Sarah and Mami:) I Love the word bum-chum here, it’s so adorable!

  4. Madhu says:

    Hi Pari, i will be coming to india for a small vacation soon and I was wondering if you received the pack i had sent yet. It was sent several weeks ago and I was hoping it made it your place.


    • Parinita says:

      Wow Madhu! That’s great you’re coming to India. It’d be a pleasure if you stop by Goa, and come to meet us.

      No sadly that package hasn’t come yet. I will inform you when it comes.


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