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Recently I had gone to a homeschooling family get-together where I met some old friends, made new friends and had fun.

Read on to know what all we did.

This place where we gathered had lot of open space. So, we could play a lot. I and my friends played all day over there. It was a lot of fun.

We were playing a very different play from society friends. We were playing the kind of games in which we ran a lot. And those games were – chor-chor, crocodile-crocodile, pakdam-pakdai, ice and water.

Since we played all day, it was a bit tiring. Even then we continued playing and went to our room only at night. Pratibha aunty had booked a big room only for kids so we went there and watched TV. We slept there together. We slept very late because we were talking, dancing and jumping.

At night I woke up to go to the washroom but I saw that the door was locked so I kept trying to open it but actually just one side of the door was locked, the other was open. And when I pushed the open door, I could go to the washroom.

The next morning, we woke up by 8, which is not too late even though we slept late and even though I did not get sound sleep.

We got ready and what did we do next? Of course we played!

After that, my mamma was planning to do an art marathon game. So, we all asked her to do that quickly because it was the last day.

art game

The game starts with each kid painting on a paper. We all stand around a big table. We paint for sometime – half a minute or so. Then mamma will ring a bell and we keep running around the table till the bell stops. When the bell stops, we will take another child’s paper and continue his/her drawing. The rule is that we should not go back to our own drawing in the next turn. Also, we cannot erase someone else’s drawing. We need to continue from where the last kid left.

Everyone had fun drawing it. I, too.

I had good food over there. After that we also enjoyed a science experiment. For that Mamma used bottles, water, oil, liquid food colour and soda. When we put these things together in the bottle, the oil will float on water. The food colour will slowly glide through oil and dissolve in water.

It was fun seeing the food colour glide like balls and when it reached water, it started liquifying and dissolved making the water greenish or reddish (we used two colours in two bottles). And finally when we added soda or Eno, it started making amazing effects. Bubbles started rising and along with them the colored water also rised up. It was a little like fireworks or lava boiling inside.

Finally it was time to leave. I was feeling sad because I wanted to stay one more day. But we had to go…so…

I’ll miss all my friends – Mrinal (Mitto), Kritika (Kitto), Pratyaksh (Puchchu), Vidushi, Dori, Abhinav, Aparna, Adi. I hope you like my post and also go to that place in Jind. I can give you the address if you want. 🙂


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  1. pratibha says:

    Hey Pari
    Wonderful blog my baby. feeling great that u really enjoyed and reading my name in the blog gave me goody goody feeling.Hope to go for one more time before anyone leave from delhi.What say Pari….

  2. admin says:

    yeah! aunty thats a great idea
    we’ll meet once more in jind or somewhere else and,have fun i hope you like the post i will keep writing aunty you can call us if we are going somewhere to meet i will like to meet again or mrnail and krithika can also come if they



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    Regards- Anand Mourya

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