A Unique Birthday Celebration For Sufiana!

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Me Sufiana and Papa in Club Mahindra.

Oh my! It feels so different to remember that in my earlier posts, i wrote about how many “months”old  Sufi is. And now, i have written how many “years” she is!

Sufiana turned 1 year old on November 2.

It’s even hard to believe “one year old”. And because it was her first Birthday, we of-course wanted to make it very special. So, the first half of the day, we were in Club Mahindra – a beautiful resort with lush greenery. But, more than anything else, we chose to spend some time there because it has two huge swimming pools and a splash pool. Sufiana loves water and has enjoyed being in the pool before (we call her water baby)


Unwrapping the gift’s from Mama and Mami! In Club Mahindra.

It’s amazing how she swims like a fish/frog with her legs in perfect movement splashing in the water! When we ask her to come in the pool/have bath, she sometimes may refuse by shaking her head. But when we say, “Sufiana, we are going to do ‘splash, splash”, she gets excited, flashes a smile and is ready to get in!

And, for the second half of the day, we chose water fun, again. This time – to the beach. The Cavellossim Beach – our favourite beach in South Goa.

We carried some things for her to play in the sea. She and mamma sat on the sand, and waited for the waves to come near them. And-whoosh! There comes a wave! And-oh! Another! But no – Sufiana wasn’t even a bit scared of water. She was totally enjoying the water, the sand. She didn’t get scared even when the salty water was all over her. She was infact sticking her tongue out and tasting it. Even when there were higher waves that were bumping mamma and her, she was unafraid.

After a while, me and Papa went deeper. “No no no! That’s too deep”! I screamed. “Nothing will happen”, my father assured me. The sea waves here is  much lesser than where mamma is sitting – Mamma was sitting near the shore with Sufi in her lap. The water gently flowed over me. It was indeed true that the sea waves here was much gentler.

We were a bit far from Mamma and Sufiana but not too much. Soon Sufiana and mamma came deeper, too. Sufi was shivering if we took her out of water.  She wanted to be inside!

Slowly Sufi started to get tired, so we took an leave. The grains of sand were still sticking to my body. What a wonderful evening! As we reached home, Mamma took Sufi for a shower, and  I too, took a shower upstairs. No matter there wasn’t a cake, a candle, but of course – there was a swim in the Sea! And Sufi liked a swim in the sea a lot!

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