Behind The Scenes Of An Insta Picture – #2: The Pool, Float, & Quote

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Picture #2: The Pool, Float, & Quote

“Let’s do this!”, I said, taking out a piece of watercolor paper from the crinkly packaging. I was writing-painting a quote for an Instagram picture. It was 11 pm. “Pool quotes.. pool quotes..” I searched, browsing pool quote ideas on the internet. “Found it.” I spent the next half-an-hour switching between thick pens, thin pens. When I was finally done, “Now, I’m ready for tomorrow’s picture”, I thought, putting the cap back on the pen.

Talk about the struggle…of having to take a pool picture in the monsoons. Goan monsoons at that! It was afternoon now. I rushed out, my slippers flip flopping. I ran to take my cycle, clutching the float, basket, and quote to my side. “Please don’t rain, please don’t rain, I REALLY want to take this picture..” I was chanting. “Cycle quickly, cycle quickly….”

As I reached by the pool side, I put the float and everything else on the ground. “What will people think, a girl has come here with a float and goodness knows what else to take a picture?”

I placed all the things the way I wanted and took DOZENS of pictures. But hey, the float kept floating away. I kept my palm on it, then as I removed it I darted out the phone and snapped over 50 pictures at once so the float will stay in shot. But then, I realize, “Gosh, No! This pool side is too dark! It will totally not match my theme.” I scurried to the other side where the pool was lighter, overlooking the clouds. I took pictures keeping the basket in the shot, outside the shot, float in the pool, outside the pool. “Try as many combinations as possible before the downpour happens!”

As I was pretty much done except for a few more pictures in a different angle, I could see droplets gently fall in the pool and form ripples. First one. Then two. Then few more. I followed their trail – from the sky to the pool – making smooth holes on water surface. It was a pretty sight. “But, the phone will get wet. The quote will get wet. Rush home!” I said to myself as I clutched my things, positioned the quote and phone under the basket so it wouldn’t get drenched; held the cycle by the handle, and ran home.

“Ah…this was satisfying,” I said to myself, and oh… so much fun!”


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  1. Srishti says:

    OMG… it is so interesting to know what has gone behind a picture! Loving your series Pari. The pictures are awesome and it is equally engaging to read the story behind them. Keep going!

    • Parinita says:

      Aw, thanks Mami! Sorry for the late reply.. Haha I know, right!? I love reading behind what went into it too 🙂 Glad I started this series. Writing another post right now!

  2. Shilpa says:

    Totally loved the thought, idea and the implementation. And it was fun to read how it happened. This made me smile today morning !

  3. Manish says:

    Such a wonderful way to connect with your viewers, Pari! First, the pictures and then the stories behind them! I had really liked this pool picture, and now it seems even more interesting to me knowing what went behind it!

    Keep ’em coming! 🙂

    • Parinita says:

      Thank you so much, Mamu! True – the actual picture is great – but when you get to know the story behind it, it gets so much more interesting! And then again, the simplest pictures can have a interesting story behind them.. 🙂

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