Instagram Tips & Tricks – Part #1 : Photography

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There are zillions of people on Instagram – pretty much everybody loves it. I LOVE it. I’M obsessed with it. No seriously, i’m TOO obsessed! And yes, although it’s only been only more than a month since I joined, not to brag, i’m starting to get pretty good at it and into it. When I was small I had a MAJOR thing for photography. I remember me roaming around with a silver camera strap around my neck, when we took a trip to South Africa. And I still LOVE photography. But then I had kind of lost my touch. Maybe because that camera stopped working, or maybe because I simply got digressed into other things. But whatever was the case, Instagram has brought me back.

Every time I see something interesting/cute/insta-worthy, I only thing one thing – THAT could be a cute photo. AND it matches my Instagram theme. Then for the next 20 minutes you can see me shuffling around, trying to burst-shot over 50 pictures for just one perfect picture. Oh yes!

Now that 90% of us are on Instagram, we PROBABLY want to make it as good as we can. Atleast I want to. I like to take it as not only a hobby, but part of my routine. It’s not just a platform to display pictures I randomly took, but pictures I purposely took for Instagram. And since I’ve been so obsessed with Instagram, i’ve been researching a LOT lately to find good Instagram tips, tricks, ideas. And so, I’m starting a series called “Instagram Tips And Tricks!” They’ll be 4 parts of it, and in every blog post i’ll be sharing 5 tips. The first 2 blog posts will be of photography, and the next two – Editing and Accounts! (In the last post I will be sharing a BRILLIANT editing tip that will COMPLETELY change your pictures! Seriously. Make sure to stick around.) Hope you enjoy! This one is part 1 and of photography.

  1. Try to mantain a Instagram theme

Grey theme @ carlycristman

All rights reserved to owner of this picture: Carly Cristman on Instagram. Gray theme.

Okay, for those of you who don’t know what this is: A theme is where every single picture that you put on instagram – is going with a theme. Like the above picture from @carlycristman’s Instagram – her theme is Gray. It can be a same color scheme for every picture – it can be, for example, every picture has a white background with pops of color – every picture has the same filter/effect. All that means is, when you are scrolling through your feed, all your pictures are going together. They are all blending together. And, honestly, the thing that attracts me MOST to any Instagram profile, is their theme. So try to mantain a theme for your Instagram. It doesn’t have to be super similar either. Even if it’s a the same filter in every picture. I feel SO satisfied when my theme is going together – and when it’s not, I don’t know why, but I feel unsatisfied and messy. The theme i’m maintaining right now, is every picture to have a white background to it. It gives a constant white scheme with the picture having a white background to it. One more amazing tip I found – if you are going for a constant same colored background/theme, make sure the tone of the color is equal. If your theme is blue, try to make sure one is a dark, dark blue, and one too light. A steady color tone makes your pictures much better. I’m really starting to keep this in mind as well. And boy does a theme makes your page look on POINT! And no, just because you’ve started a theme doesn’t means you have to stick to it for the next 1 year! Oh no. You can change it every 5 – 6 months.



This is one of the TOP tips ANY good instagrammer will give you. Lighting is the KEY! I can say it a million times! But wait – not just lighting – NATURAL LIGHT. However beautifully layed out and perfect you think your picture is, it will NOT look good without good lighting. For selfies, try standing in front of a bright window. Or, if there is rainy season around (like me!) adding brightness to your pictures can work too. I always try to see if there is a little bit of natural light by opening up the windows, (when it’s not raining.) Or, if not, I usually switch on all the lights! It works great too.  But there is nothing like natural light from the sun, try to get that as much as you can. BUT, I would recommend NOT taking pictures in DIRECT sunlight, they can be a little too bright or even blinding – try taking them in a shady, yet sunny spot.

3.  Take inspiration from accounts you like a lot, or anyone on the internet

Take Inspiration!

Inspiration can be the key to many pictures. Try looking at some of your favorite accounts/pinterest/good pictures and seeing how they take their pictures. The angles. The lighting. The color. Don’t copy it – don’t. But nothing hurts when you take some inspiration, right!? It can be surprisingly very helpful. Try to explore a bit – you can come up with AMAZING picture ideas with a dash of inspiration!

4. Try to make your photos unique/different

Make your pictures unique/different

This is also something that can be very attractive. If you saw a wonderful picture of mint chocolate chip icecream, and you want to recreate that – do it in a different way. Add you own little quirky touch – let your imagination be wild – let it be weird. Let it be unique. If you want to be insta-famous, that’s one of the top ways. Make it be like – when you show someone your Instagram picture without you, and not let them see your name on your profile page – they’ll be able to guess who’s picture it is!

5. Keep the backgrounds for your pictures neat

Keep your backgrounds neat!

Check out this photo on my Instagram. Don’t forget to go follow!

However pretty the actually thing in the picture is, if the background is messy or dirty, it won’t be good. Oh no. I find it great if a background is white, but in certain pictures colorful backgrounds can add a lot too. But if you can’t do a white background, any neat background will work – just make sure it’s A again not messy or un-clean, and B not distracting from the picture.

Well, that’s it! Those are the 5 tips for photography for this blog post. Look forward to many more parts of it coming SUPER soon! I promise I will post them right up in 2 – 3 days! They are already written and almost ready to go. Hopefully these 5 tips helped you. And no, there are many more like I just said in the Part #2 of Photography, and there will be 5 more in that, so you don’t go back half empty handed!

Also, I personally LOVE planning my Instagram pictures. I love love love thinking of Instagram photo ideas of what to take a picture of the next day. I like brainstorming my photo ideas at night when I’m sleeping! This is another tip – if you are like me and want to really get into Instagram – have a random photoshoot day – find props for your pictures if you like – brainstorm ideas. But don’t get TOO lost into it, as Instagram as nevertheless still a platform to display your photos and share them with other people, and not a business. 🙂 I actually adore getting props for my photos! But hey, don’t go for 500 bucks just for a cute item for a Instagram – you’ll fine something random around you that can be just as cute.

There can be many times when you are really running out of ideas of what picture to post, but look around you. Sometimes I like to just sit and look around my room – and you never know, you may find something cute to Instagram!

And ofcourse, please follow me on Instagram! Here’s my page. Would really appreciate it.

‘Sit for today! Keep instagramming <3

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