The Magic Of Taylor Swift

My Love Fo Taylor Swift

Sometimes you get so obsessed with a singer/musician/celebrity. You don’t know what to do. You’ve blasted the music. You’ve put up the pictures. You’ve dreamed meeting that person.  That’s how I am with Taylor Swift. Her songs are on while I’m brushing, bathing, dressing, eating..

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And The Winners Of The Cushion Cover Giveaway Are…

cushion covers giveaway
I’m so sorry for announcing the winners late, please forgive me! For the past 1 week I’ve been terribly sick, and before that we had gone to Bangalore for the IHC meet – India Homeschoolers Conference. But today, as i’m finally feeling better, I’m announcing the three lucky Cushion Giveaway winners! (To see the post for the giveaway, click here.)

And, like always, what’s a giveaway without a drum roll..

*Drum roll please..*

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Valentines Day – DIY Hand-Painted Heart Table

Valentines Day - Diy Hand-Painted Heart Table!

This table has been my long time partner in hundreds of creative art and writing projects. It has been with me since I was four years old. These two chairs, Mamma and me have sat on side by side, every afternoon. If you talk about giving “space”for getting the “flow”to do your creative things, then, literally, this table has given me the “space” with it’s wide and long surface!

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12 Cheap & Easy Ways To Renovate Your Plain & Boring Room! + Giveaway

12 Cheap & Easy Ways To Renovate Your Plain & Simple Room! + Giveaway

Make sure to stay till the end for a exciting 100th blog post celebration giveaway!

I never knew decorating my room, or for that matter – my house – would become the most interesting part of my days, until I moved into this new house in North of Goa. It’s what my dream was made of. It’s how I always wanted my home to be – sliding doors, picture windows, modern bathrooms. O boy, not something my parents fancied a lot, but I do. Yes, I do! Hehe!

So much so that last month when I was going to be celebrating my 10th birthday, all I wished for was people would give me gifts to decorate my room.

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100th Blog Post Celebration! – Reflecting On My Writing Journey

100th Blog Post Celebration! - Reflecting On My Writing Journey

Every once in a while I like to check on my earlier posts. I remember one thing mamma told me, that I remember every time I write a post: “Try to make every post better than the earlier one.” Just a couple of weeks back I was referring to my first 2 – 3 posts, and I was stunned to see my writing in those posts! And then I came back to the newer ones , and the difference between them was like sky and earth. In every post you try to make it better than the earlier, just keep improving. And that’s how…

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6 Fun Things To Do On Those Hot & Boring Days

6 Fun Things To Do On Those Hot & Boring Days!Those hibiscus flowers are from our yard :).

This monsoon it really hasn’t rained much compared to last year, and so it’s been super hot and humid. We will be shifting soon, too.  It’s been chaotic, but in between all of this, I’ve still been enjoying. I’ve got interest in some new things, and so those have kept me occupied. Here are 6 cool things I’ve been doing this monsoon!

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Discovering My Love For Dogs, Overcoming My Fear Of Them – # 1

Wild Discovery Week 4 : Discovering My Love For Dogs

This post, is not a wild find but a discovery about myself. The person who used to shiver when a dog would walk past me. And now I want a dog as a companion. The same girl ‘me’ who used to be extremely scared of dogs. I’m starting to see dogs in a whole new world, these days. I don’t see them in that four-legged-figure I used to see earlier. I see them differently. I see them as a friend, and not just that – I’m started to get past my fears. I’ve suddenly seemed to love them. For a playmate, companion, friend, and most of them all: family member.

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Art For Today: Cherry Blossom Stamp Art + Some Interesting Facts

Art For Today : Cherry Blossoms Out The Window

I sighed. I was itching to find a stamping card idea, and execute it in my art. (I was seeing idea’s on Pinterest) but I couldn’t. I don’t know why.

“Ugh.” I scrolled, and scrolled, then suddenly a image popped up.  What? I clicked on the picture and… drum roll! After tons of huffing and puffing, I’d finally found something that I liked…

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A Wild Discovery and An Art: A Tribute to A Fallen, Old Giant

Wild Discovery And A Art - Tribute To A Old GiantI somehow love old trees. Trees with hanging areal roots, trees that are big enough to do a picnic underneath, trees that are tall and strong, with a dark deep chocolaty color to the bark. Bark that are so artful with a variety of textures and patterns and streaks.

One of my favorites was this HUGE tree in three kings church(a beautiful and serene place in Majorda, Goa.) It was I guess 15 – 16 feet tall with huge dangling areal roots that looked like ropes. I’d jump up and try to grab one, and stay up with it.  So, we went to Three Kings Church last week. We’d just parked the car. I was fiddling around on the road leading to the site of the church – trying to make a caterpillar climb on the tip of my umbrella — when I heard mamma shout, “Pari COME FAST! This is the biggest wild discovery ever!” So I left the caterpillar on the stony ground and rushed up to her.

And, I gasped – my mouth agape.

That huge tree, with dangling roots, in three kings church, had fallen. There it lay—the big, old, old tree supine on the ground. It’s thick rough bark shining in the evening sun.

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In the Middle of a Tropical Storm! #WildDiscoveries (plus, a WILD announcement)

Wild Discoveries In My Yard - Tropical Cyclones

Have you ever gone through a cyclone? The is the first time in all these 9 and a half years, which was, unbelievably, 3-4 days back. Seriously, guys! If you’d see the coconut trees at that moment, it’s sure that they’d swoop down and break, any time. Well, thankfully they didn’t, but that was on the verge of happening. I was caught in my yard. I know, right? Yard? This place is something else!

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