Our Country’s National Bird Is Going Extinct, Sheep Are Brutally Suffering From The Cold: Animal Cruelty

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I think we’ve all been asked this question when we were sitting silently on a red squeaky chair in 1st grade –

“What is our country’s national bird?”

Well, what if I told you.. our national bird was going extinct. You’d have a reaction, wouldn’t you?

So you just did. India’s national bird, the magnificent bird with the sapphire blue necks, are going extinct. Peacocks.

We all know them. The sheer beauty, of course, the cleverness  – the gorgeous feathers that we all look at in awe..

Peacocks are getting poached. For their feathers, for meat, farmers are also putting poisonous seeds in killing them!

“The incidents of killing and poaching of peacocks for their their meat and skin are reported from different parts of the country from time to time. Earlier in January this year, in a similar incident, poisonous seeds were used to kill six peacocks in Rajasthan’s Bhilwara district.”

People are killing them and plucking out their feathers to sell, with blood dripping down them as they violently push them out!

“Earlier a feather under examination could reveal whether it was plucked or shed. But now, the bottom portion of the feather is cut by its sellers making it difficult to find the way it was procured.”

It’s heart-shattering. Who would want to see not only our country’s national bird but these absolutely beautiful beings get extinct? It’s something 99% of us don’t know about. I didn’t until recently, in fact.

Who knew a perfectly beautiful peacock feather for 5 rs each, is being done by poaching these birds, to get them out! When I walk into a store and see it’s feather on a shelf, I would buy it, it’s so beautiful. Who knew, this one feather meant the death of a bird – blood dripping down its body…

Earlier, farmers/sellers used to collect the feathers only during the peacock’s shedding season.

But the way we humans are.. we don’t settle for less. Or for kindness, at least. The demand got more, as people used it strongly for decorations, religious activities, and for pure display.

Jains believe in ‘ahimsa’ (non-violence), which is why they eat vegetarian food and even go to the extent of not eating vegetables such as onions and garlic, because as you take them out it destroys the microorganisms in the soil underneath. But none of them are vegan – despite knowing the heart-choking suffering the cows have to go through. They use peacock feathers excessively for their religious purposes, despite knowing it comes from dead peacocks.

“What do they claim? That the feathers are made from naturally shed feathers. That has never been true. The peacock sheds one feather every month. No one is going to pick up that single feather and sell it. Peacocks don’t live in large groups so there is no question of one place having hundreds of shed feathers. That single feather is eaten almost immediately by other creatures who get calcium from the spine. “


I recommend you to read the rest from this article, from where I got the above information from.

But the question is, if you can’t wait for the feathers to be naturally shed, why use them at all?

Peacocks are infact, the only bird who’s feathers are allowed to be used.

“It’s illegal to kill the national bird, but not illegal to collect and export feathers.”

Soo adorable, isn’t it!?

Let’s talk about sheep.

As we all know, sheep’s wool helps to keep it warm and survive the cold, brutal winters. Sheep are sheared in the spring, just before they would naturally shed their winter coats. In olden times infact, the sheep’s wool used to have grown so much it would start getting stuck in branches and little bushes. The humans used to come and collect them all around from where it was naturally shed. But like always, we found interest and starting demanding more – “wow, wool makes such soft sweaters!” and that’s when it would begin. Like usual.

Nowadays, sellers don’t have a patience for the spring. Even during the winters, the sellers cut off the sheep’s wool, making it shiver in the icy temperatures… Leaving cold dents, blood, and bruises all over its body with the creature nearly shivering to death!

Can’t even look at this. 

“Most sheep are sheared while it is still too cold. An estimated one million sheep die every year of exposure after premature shearing.”

Another problem with sheep shearing is that the shearers are not paid by the hour, but by volume. They handle the animals very roughly and a lot of sheep get brutally injured.”

That’s how it works in our industry, isn’t it? Like the peacock feathers, the demands get more, and our demonic nature starts to form itself – to the point where India’s national bird starts going extinct.

I hope this created awareness, guys. Next time you go to buy a peacock feather displayed in a shop, or sweater made out of wool, don’t buy it. It doesn’t help.

Let’s all help each other and help sustain not just animals but us. Not just shivering deaths/slaughtering of sheep or feather-poaching/seed poisoning of peacocks, let’s sustain our kindness, too. Even though we can be earth-shatteringly cruel, we all have a heart. A heart that has been hidden away – let’s bring it back.

Thank you all for reading!

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    • Parinita says:

      Hi Asa,
      Thank you so much! Sorry for the late response. I’m really happy you like it.. I felt very driven to write this post hence it came from within me.

  1. Ranjana says:

    Heyy Pari, Hope you guys are doing good.

    Till i read ur blog, i did not know that Peacocks are getting extinct. how we humans can be so cruel so kill such a beautiful creature for feather. I could not even see the next image of sheep being killed for wool. Yes we should encourage people to buy cruelty free products like artificial leather etc.

    Showing ur love for animals is beautiful dear. Be kind to every kind it is.


    • Parinita says:

      Hi Chachi! So sorry for the late reply, I did not see it until now. Hope you all are doing good.

      I’m glad you understand. I was really taken aback when I got to know about the news, hence couldn’t help but write about it.

      Thank you 🙂 Yes that’s right.
      Thanks for the comment, lots of love

  2. Tsmahalaxmi says:

    Hi pari dear,it is heart touching I knew it earlier.look at the human cruelty.atrocity towards every animals.yes we have to be careful.in every jatra mahotsav and festival lacs of animals killed for the food.if anybody objects,there comes the matter of food culture. How to prevent?

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