Coconut Shower!

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Today morning i was surprised to see such an old man , he had come to pluck out the coconuts from the coconut tree, because sometimes it’s risky to have so many coconut tree’s. Because the dried coconuts fall on your head. So, that old man climbed up the coconut tree, and we all amazed to see him climbing the tree, i took some pics too. Here are some of them:


Doesn’t it feel amazing? Just looking at him climbing up that huge tree, feels scary. He gave us 8 tender coconuts to drink and they were amazing! So sweet. He had a rope tied to his leg so he doesn’t fall. Here are some more hilarious pics.



Oh! What a hilarious and big leaf! When it fell on ground it made a big THUD! I can’t believe it. Going up there itself is a big thing, and after going up there, taking a big knife then cutting all these huge leaves is surly very scary!

And, after all, i had seen this the first time, so it was very exiting for me, i took a dozens of photos!

We were waiting to pluck out the dried coconuts in our yard, well yes after all now we have our own yard, in which we have grown vegetables, and that’s one more reason, that if the coconuts fall on them they will get damaged.

Well, guys we are growing many fruits and vegetables so i will do a post on that too. That’s it for now, guys, tell me what you feel about this post, in the comments:-)


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