Birds Of Goa!

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In Goa there are a plenty of birds to see. In the early morning they start chirping in our yard. Wow! What an environment! Everyday morning I get up at 7.00 to look at the birds, whenever I see something new I refer to this amazing book called birds of Goa. With a tripod always ready in our balcony. With a telephoto lence. Here are some pics I took after waking up in the early morning.


This is called the white breasted or the White Throated Kingfisher. This bird made us so desperate to keep searching for one. We always have a target on this bird in the early mornings. This birds feeds on crabs, amphibians, reptiles and fish.

Here’s another look of this beautiful bird.



Here comes another one! It’s called the Indian Treepie. It feeds on fruits, insects, nectar, spiders, and even eggs of small birds.


Oops.. Sorry guys it came out little shaky. Will improve next time. Anyways, this is called the White Breasted Waterhen. And it’s female is smaller than male. It eats insects, small fish, and aquatic invertebrates using its yellow bill.

Do you have an interest in birds?

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  1. Vagmi says:

    Hi Pari! This is Vagmi, a ninth grader. Mrinal suggested me to read your blog. When she told me that a ten year old girl is a blogger, I had thought that your blogs would be somewhat childish….It was only yesterday that I opened your domain and my goodness! Your blog is the
    best blog I’ve ever read. Even I write blogs, but they’ve never been as colorful and attractive! Pari, are you really aged ten? when I read your blog, it seemed to me as if I am reading a literary work of some grown up person. You have learnt and you will always be learning; in a way only few people do. How can one be good at so many things? Photography, writing, singing, craft, gardening and blah….You are multi talented and a gifted girl Pari! Can’t believe that a very young girl writes so well.
    I love nature too! Here’s my
    Try exploring it; even if you don’t find it colorful as i rarely use photographs there. Everyone at home has read your blog and my father says that it is awesome! Did I just forget to tell you where am I from?
    I am from Almora, Uttarkhand. Have you ever been to Almora? You should try coming as we have mesmeric places out here. And I shall be obliged if I connect with you.

    • Parinita says:

      Dear Vagmi,
      Thank you so so much! This got such a grin on my face! I’m SO happy that you liked it! I checked out your blog as well – it’s great! Not all blogs have to be colorful. It’s the writing that matters. Even your writing is wonderful. And I like that you can read in Hindi alongside too 🙂
      Haha and yes, I am 10 years old, will be 11 on November 30th. Just want to thank you again for writing a comment like this, it encouraged me to write so much more! I haven’t read many of your posts yet; will spend more time and read even more of your posts in depth.

      Nice to know you live in Almora 🙂 And no, I haven’t been there. I would love to come there once, and connect more with you as well. I live in Goa, India. So nice to see you here! Lets connect more. Oh and yes, I know Mrinal, she’s one of my good un-schooling friends.
      Lots and LOTS of love!
      ~ Pari

      • Vagmi says:

        Thanks a lot for liking my blog. I read almost every post of yours and saved every photograph;) I love roaming and surfing but my homework:(
        Let’s connect and be pen pals. What say Pari?
        I’ve loved Goa and my favourite place was Calangute beach and Aguada fort as well. Your life must be very different just like Mrinal and Kritika’s life. I’m sorry for writing just this much as my exams are going on:( Tomorrow we have history’s…Nothing as worse.
        But I love history; though I haven’t read anything and I have to study for hours. I don’t know if you are interested in becoming a pen pal but let me give you my email id. It’s here:
        …….Lots of love to Sufi(She’s sooooo cuddly. Touchwood!)


        • Parinita says:

          You’re welcome! Oh, that’s so great! I’m really thankful. Hmm 🙁
          I would love to be pen pals with you 🙂 Oh and yes, I saw your mail! Will reply to it soon. I haven’t been at all active on gmail recently, will get back on it.

          That’s good to know that you love Goa. Yes, it’s great being a un-schooler. I’m sorry to know about your exams. It’s totally okay if you are writing that much! I appreciate it just the same.
          Thanks so much! Will give your love to her <3

          ~ Pari

  2. Vagmi says:

    Aww…that’s perfectly fine…waiting for your next blog
    And hey! We can chat on hangouts too! on various topics that are possible…Am busy writing a novella write now over the insurgency in Kashmir. Lets hope it gets published!

    • Parinita says:

      Oh yes! Hangouts would be best actually, better than writing mails since I love chatting, haha 😀
      Wow, that’s awseome! It’d be amazing if it gets published. I’ll buy it! Oh and just posted a new blog post 🙂

      ~ Pari

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