Valentines Day – DIY Hand-Painted Heart Table

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Valentines Day - Diy Hand-Painted Heart Table!

This table has been my long time partner in hundreds of creative art and writing projects. It has been with me since I was four years old. These two chairs, Mamma and me have sat on side by side, every afternoon. If you talk about giving “space”for getting the “flow”to do your creative things, then, literally, this table has given me the “space” with it’s wide and long surface!

It has been smudged, defaced, scraped; but I look at all of this as a beautiful mess—the arty mess of the projects i’ve done. All of my friends would gather around the table with extra chairs and let out their artist side.

Me and My Friend Decorating Bottles On My Table!

I can remember my friend coming almost everyday, and me and she used to huddle together on the table coloring, painting, drawing, sketching, writing.

Me and My Dad Making Ornaments Out Of Dough

All friends and families have come, and the table didn’t remain unnoticed in from of their eyes. They’ve measured it to the T to go make it at home. Well, some did – but I don’t know if the rest have made it or not, because I didn’t follow up with them, but anyways.

Like I said in my last post, I renovated my room and did some beautiful room decor. But the table was looking odd between all the room decor, with it’s purple paint, and acrylic stains all over. So we decided to paint it, as we did for the beds! (I wrote about it in the last post). So now it was the matter of finding a stretch of time that you need with these kind projects. With Sufi it’s tough, as she’ll be dipping her hands into the paint and touching the wet table. So we do some bits when she’s around, and the rest when she sleeps in the afternoon.


We decided to go for a blue-green base, with stamped hearts on top! (I did the stamped hearts with a foam heart stamp I have.) Mamma did the base color, and I did the base primer for the table as well as all the stamping.

Pink border around the table

And actually a lot of the ideas for discussed on the spot between me and Mamma, like the pink border around the table, and the little frills you can see on top of the border. I have to say, I love hearts, so I love this table too.


And yes, It does qualify as an valentines day idea too with the hearts all over it! Now it’s standing boldly in my room, actually looking better than the room decor 😉


Also, if you’re interested in painting a old table and turning it into something new, here are a few steps to follow:

First, sand the table. Then apply a wood primer. Next, do your base color. After that’s done, do anything else you want do, like a design or anything you prefer. If you’re doing a plain solid color, make sure to paint two coats.

And hey – many times we even bring our lunch upstairs and sit there on my table 🙂

Also, be on the lookout as we haven’t done the chairs yet, so will do that and share. And just a reminder, there’s an awesome giveaway running on my blog! I mentioned it in my last post. Three of you can win and each winner will get a beautiful cushion cover! It’ll be ending on Feb 10th! Quick, enter soon.

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  1. Madhu says:

    Hi Pari, it’s been a while since I logged into see what’s going and and what a delight it is to see your beautiful room. Bravo girl. You absolutely rock!
    Really really impressed with everything you have done with the room.

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