The Magic Of Taylor Swift

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My Love Fo Taylor Swift

Sometimes you get so obsessed with a singer/musician/celebrity. You don’t know what to do. You’ve blasted the music. You’ve put up the pictures. You’ve dreamed meeting that person. ¬†That’s how I am with Taylor Swift. Her songs are on while I’m brushing, bathing, dressing, eating..

It’s a little over-obsession sometimes. Haha. Me and Sufi stand there dancing, singing along and acting as though we’re holding the mic and performing to a wildly swaying and chanting audience. The music blasting on the speakers, reaching probably the next 5 houses outside. Me screaming out every word and frantically bobbing my head to the music – in a trance-like state! She’s the first person I’m such a big “fan” of. Well, other than of Mickey Mouse when I was two years old! ūüėČ Such a big fan, that she’s the first person who’s pictures are hanging in my room. You need to really love a person ‘that much’ to put his/her pictures in your room – your private space, but Taylor Swift beats everything out and hangs there confidently to all the people hanging out in my room.

Taylor Swift pictures hanging in my room!

Okay, enough. Lets move on!

Her music is unstoppable. Once I blast it on the speakers, I never ever want it to stop, except maybe put down the volume a little. Even Sufi knows lots of words to almost 5 – 10 songs of hers. Me, a 10 year old, and my sis, a 2 year old, both are singing the same songs, the same words, performing like divas – together. Nobody has to be too big or small to love Taylor Swift’s music!

Okay, here’s a little bit about Taylor Swift :

She completely owns her songs. Yes, she does. She writes every song, she composes the music, plays the guitar almost all of her songs herself. Her personality, her look, and OFCOURSE, her voice. She is the perfect, true popstar!

Also, she knows over 5 instruments! She has over 100 songs, and almost all written by herself. She started learning guitar when she was 10, and she made her first song ¬†– “Lucky You” when she was 12. ¬†She has 10 grammy awards, and 20 nominations! Not only the music wows me though.. Her personalty, her style, the way her songs are – not too much of pop, not too much country. The beautiful feeling into all of them. And she is absolutely beautiful.

And hey, not bragging at all, but I pretty much know every word to all of her songs.. I’ll give you a list of all the Taylor Swift songs I can sing, in the end. Not all the ones I know, but all the ones I can completely sing.

Her songs are not like she is singing them.. It’s like they are¬†in¬†the moment, the voice completely with feeling, as if you were right there listening to her songs with full might. And her songs are more like a story than a song. Not much repetition, the lyrics are always giving you something new each time.. Okay, I can go on talking about this, but nonetheless, I love everything about her. And, ugh, unfortunately I can’t at all say what is my favorite Taylor Swift song, as I love ALL of them the same.. I just love every one of her songs. Can’t choose.. sorry!

And ofcourse, if you are a Taylor Swift fan too, congratulations! We’re in this together. I would LOVE it if you comment down below and let me know¬†your¬†favorite song, and tell me if you are a fan.

The other day, me and my friends were chatting on the phone and we got to know that Taylor Swift has won the grammy awards for this year!! Yes! We were so excited, wildly dancing and texting on the phone about how happy we were! Taylor Swift won Best Music Video Of The Year, Best Album Of The Year, Best Song Of The Year, Best Pop Vocal Album, and more. Taylor Swift has won 10 Grammy awards, and 20 nominations!



I even recorded her performance this year at the Grammys, on her song  РOut Of The Woods. Of course, it was awesome.

To know more about the Grammys she won this year, click here.

Also, this page shows the incredible list of awards and nominations she’s won.. They’re¬†so¬†many I couldn’t even write them here!

Listening to her songs has made me wildly interested in singing, and so i’m wanting to learn guitar so much to pair up with my singing.

All day my mouth is just humming some song or the other..I’m humming “I Know Places” by Taylor Swift right now!! Not kidding!

I also just discovered that she has a new calendar coming up for 2017!¬†Ofcourse¬†i’m buying it.¬†Are you a swiftie fan too? Here’s the link to buy the calendar.

Here are all the Taylor Swift songs I completely know word by word, and can totally sing.

  1. You Belong With Me
  2. Blank Space
  3. Shake It Off
  4. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
  5. Red.
  6. Style
  7. White Horse
  8. Story Of Us
  9. Ours
  10. Our Song
  11. Mean
  12. Love Story
  13. I Knew You Were Trouble
  14. Fifteen
  15. Everything Has Changed
  16. Begin Again
  17. Back To December
  18. Mine
  19. Sparks Fly

I know many more of her songs, but not exactly word by word. 

Hugs to all you Taylor Swift fans out there! Don’t forget to comment down below. Also, here are a few more links to know more about her :

Taylor Swift’s Official Website

Taylor Swift On Wikipedia

Taylor swift is also the first woman to win Album Of The Year Twice! As well as the Youngest Most Powerful Woman Of 2015!

My love for Taylor Swift can never be expressed in words. She is my goddess. It will always, always, always grow, and never get less. Everything about her is perfect. I like to listen to her songs every moment.

Don’t forget to comment down below what is your favorite song of Taylor Swift! I’d¬†love¬†to know <3 Long live swifties!

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  1. Shenaz says:

    Hi Pari, I’m Shenaz. I’m 12 years. i’m a big fan of Taylor Swift too! i love most of her songs,but some of my favorite albums are RED,FEARLESS & SPEAK NOW

  2. Tia says:

    I also listen to her songs, very few people know that and how do you decide one favourite song of hers when they’re all incredible. I particularly like the songs on Red at the moment, but I like different songs at different times. There is a Taylor Swift song for any mood you’re in.

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