Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs – Movie Review

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ice age coloring page Tinker Earth

I recently saw the movies Ice Age 2 as well as 3. I liked 3 more than 2 because it was more adventurous. I’ll share my views about Ice Age 3.

I liked all the characters but the character I liked best was Manny – the Father Mammoth and Ellie – the mother Mammoth. They were very cute and funny. I loved their baby – Peaches – a lot. She had such big eyes and was so small and cute.

The kids’ playground was a very good idea and a very good creation. Ellie liked it very much. It had a wooden slide and small pieces of ice used as decorations.

Sid the sloth was really funny to look at. His teeth were cartoonish – protruding out. He also had a funny voice and a weird way to talk. His eyes were misplaced – somewhere near his ears!

The one scene I liked best was when Ellie was giving birth to her baby.  I loved when Manny and Ellie just reached the Dinosor land and they were so surprised to realize that Dinosaurs were still alive. They thought Dinosaurs were extinct .

I wish I could go to the ice age world. I love snow and ice.

But if I go there I should be careful of the melting ice. I could go with manny but I don’t know if Manny and his family would recognize me because they only know animals. They will not know who human beings are. We would feel scared of each other.

But I would come back home soon and tell you to watch this movie. Ice age is dangerous but fun and funny.

I’ve recommended Mamma to watch it today before she watches Ice Age 4. Because then she’ll not feel confused.
If you’ve seen Ice Age 3,or ice age 2,4 share your comments with me. 🙂

If you like to color pictures, you can download Ice Age coloring pages here. The image on top is from the same place!

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  1. papa @agilebuddha says:

    Cutsy, Your movie review is awesome. Unfortunately I was not able to see later part of the movie with you. I am excited to go with you for Ice age 4 this weekend. I liked character Sid, he was very humorous and he made us laugh just because of his mannerisms. I am looking forward to hear your views on Ice age 4. I love you.


    • admin says:

      thank you papa
      i love this comment and like mama
      you use such good words you are also you are also
      growing like a good writer like mama . But you can et least see ice age 4.
      You know the concept but if you feel confused i’ll tell you. and yeah! thank
      you to put the subscribe button and call me cutsy love you pari.

    • pari @ tinkerearth says:

      ok not a problem papa you can see later with me on tv or you can get a cd to watch is that a problem. but you alwae’s have work to do but this time you HAVE HAVE HAVE to see with ME or MAMA OK

      i love you by yeah and finger promise OK

      LUV PARI

  2. Ann says:

    My daughter loves the image you used and pinned it! I wish I could go to an icy world right now too since it is so hot!

    We saw Ice Age 4 recently and really liked it. Now I must see 3 too!

    Annabelle and I love your new site, Tinker Earth! Great job!

  3. Anoop Shiralige says:

    Great review pari… Yes, i am a huge fan of Ice Age-1,2,3 esp 3. I saw Ice Age – 4 (continental drift), but didnt like it as much as IA-3. Probably, one of the main reason is there is no character like buck in IA-4. I love all the standard characters of IA – Manny, diego, ellie,sid, two little possums… But buck – super weasel…ultra weasel… diesel weasel…!!!!:):)

    If you have liked IA-3, may I also suggest – ” How to train your dragon ” and “Kung Fu Panda”.. If you ask me, all these movies belong to a different league. MUST WATCH !!

    Movie time it is !!!…. Will be watching this space for more reviews..:):)

  4. Prabha says:

    I liked it when you said you will go to the ice age world and then be very careful too. You really know about yourself, who you want to be and how to take care of yourself, sweet heart.

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