Sufiana Starts Walking!

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sufiana starts walking!

My dreams have come true. Since my several blog posts about Sufiana,(my small sister), i’ve been writing about how much I dreamed about  Sufiana, walk. But it isn’t a dream anymore! Do you know what i mean? Well, read on!

She just started walking!

And not just small walking like taking tiny steps, and falling down. Like real confident,walking with big steps, and no falling down, unless she bumped into something!

Seeing her walk, is just inexplicable. Seeing her taking those tiny steps, I can’t even count how many times I stop my what i’m doing to go kiss her. It’s countless!

I, Mamma and Papa, just can’t stop looking at her. She looks so cute when she walks! We really wanted to bring shoes for her—now that she has started walking, because if we go somewhere out, it will be good if she can walk a little on the ground, without really worrying about being barefoot. And not only that, she wishes if she could have her own shoes! When she goes outside the door and looks at our slippers, she points at the shoes, then points to her own foot, as if to say, “I don’t have any  shoes/slippers!”.

I really liked when Mamma told me about how i started to walk. She told me, once, she was just standing, and i sat on the floor, looking at her. And all of a sudden, i got up and started taking steps toward her! I thought Sufiana may do the same, but she was different. She just started walking on her own, herself, roaming in the house. There was no ‘sudden walking’ in her case, like it was in mine, when i was a child.

Other than walking, she’s started to say words too! She says animal sounds, like if we say, “Sufiana, how does a dog do?”, then she says,(this is just what we die for! Her voice is just so kiddish, and cute, when she says it) “a, ba-ba!” Though this sound is a bit different than the real sound – bo bo, is usually what we all say.

And many times, it isn’t doggie ba ba, it’s va va, too! The way Sufiana says the ba-ba!/va-va! is Inimitable(that’s a new word i learned from Mamma, there, i used it in my writing). However hard we try, we can’t sound exactly how Sufiana says at that moment. That is her sound, which cannot be copied, so it’s Inimitable.

In fact, Sufiana does a penguin-like walk these days. She looks so funny, and adorable when we look at her!

We think Sufiana can start running in a couple of months now. How amazing it will be when she starts running, and me and her play tag together!

Sufiana loves walking, now. She now roams around in the hall herself.  I will give you more news sooner than later about Sufiana, bye!



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  1. Miquela says:

    First steps and then “real” walking is so exciting! And Sufiana’s sounds sound adorable. If you can, try recording her with a dictaphone or a camera; it is so sweet to listen to little ones years later (we do this with some recordings we made of Soëlie when she was younger).

    • Parinita says:

      Miquela – you read my mind! I used to think the exact same thing, when she took her first steps. I couldn’t wait when she will start walking. And now, i can’t when when she will start – running!
      Sure Miquela, i’d love to share a video/recording on my blog. But actually there’s a problem – when i try to upload a video on my WordPress blog post page, it says it’s too big! I’ve even tried a very short video but it doesn’t happen. But i’ll try my best, don’t worry 🙂

    • Parinita says:

      Yes, Madhu. This is the fun time – i love holding her soft and chubby hand and roaming in the halls while me and her, walk.

      And in a couple of months – running!

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