Sufi Turns 7 Months!

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Smiling sufi!


Sufi turned 7 months three days back, and i can’t believe how much she has grown up my god! She has already got 5 teeth, three up and two down. Here’s a pic of how she looks with those little milk teeth!



These are the two down teeth. Ahh! It was very tough taking a pic of her teeth she keeps moving. Here’s another pic of her upper teeth.

Upper teeth!

Sorry guys, the upper teeth pic didn’t come so well. She keeps jumping toward the camera, when i try to take a pic of her teeth. Will try to take a better pic next time:(

Don’t you think she looks adorable? I love looking at her teeth.  She looks like a rabbit with those teeth.

And you know, she crawls a lot, in one minute she will come 5 – 6 steps. And sometimes she even sits up a little. Hmm.. I cant believe it! Slowly she will even start to sit up, say some words, start walking, and then? Wow, she will be a full grown girl, and then me and her thats it! Oh my darling sufiana, i can’t wait for you to grow up, then we can spend so much time together, walking talking sharing jokes… And thats’s not it! There’ll be much more we can do!


Ha this one is a nice one! She stretches her legs when she is excited!

In my earlier posts i told you about Picmonkey write? Well… If you have not read that post here’s a link check it out! And so I made a collage for my little sister sufiana! Here’s it.

i really love you, i made this on picmonkey.


That’s it. Hope you like it, you too make collages and share it with me:-)

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  1. Chachi says:

    Hi Pari,

    Very beautiful blog on Sufi. She looks so adorable in all the pictures u have taken.
    Her beautiful eyes are so charming pari, so big!! and also using picmonkey u have created this cute butterfly adn note is very nice:) Keep writing dear:)


    • Pari says:

      Thanks chachi. Yes, chachi even i find her eyes very beautiful and big. Even you can make beautiful collages on Picmonkey. I have shared the website link in my picmonkey blog post. If u search picmonkey in my blog you’ll find it.
      And in another 9 days that’s it. And yeah! I am so excited to meet you all.

      Hoping to meet you soon,
      Love, pari.

  2. bua says:

    Nicely written pari. Luv sufi in all d pics… especially her teeth 🙂
    Asmi was all tears wen she got to know that sufi is having teeth now.. as she wanted to meet sufi before she got any tooth (she loves her own baby photos wen she dint hav a tooth..may b tats why she wanted to c sufi like tat )

    I use picmonkey a lot for editing my jewellery photos.

    • Pari says:

      Thanks, some of the pic is taken by mamma:-) The teeth one i have taken. Oh but why does asmi does not like having a tooth?

      Oh okay, so you too use pic monkey:-)

      She will soon be able to meet sufi! Sufi will love to meet her. She loves kids, who she thinks is small, type of her age. Like me:-)

      Hope to meet asmi and all of you soon. Sufi will also love to see you!

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