Being Away From Sufiana Makes Me Love Her More

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Me And Sufiana

“Akka? Akka?” I heard Sufiana say from the distance. My heart melted then and there. I looked toward my house door, where she was—standing, and looking at me with those innocent and sparkling eyes she had. Her sweet voice made me want to run back to my house and stay right there. It was a heart melting sight.

Though I don’t go much to play at my friend’s house, which is right beside mine, or any other place to play, there are days when i spend my whole day playing from morning to evening, or sometimes, night! In those days, Sufiana misses me a LOT. Really. Today was one of those day when i spent my whole day playing. And Sufiana?

I burst in my house door, to pick a game, me and my friends could play, at Angela, my friends house. Sufi was standing there.  I gave her one big squishy kiss, and took off again.

While we were playing, I heard Sufiana in the distance. She was in my Grandma’s arms, who had come a few days before. My Grandma was waving and imitating Sufiana’s voice – “Come Pari! Sufi is calling you”!(in Hindi). I heard Sufi say “Akka Akka”? I could even feel a part of my eyes swell up. I stopped. I looked at her. She was waving at me, calling Akka, taking a second-gap. “Coming Mharo Musho!” I said.(Musho is just a kind of made-up word i call Sufi with love, though ‘Mharo'(say mhhaaro) means mine, in Rajistani, my Mom’s mother tongue.

The most amazing thing when Sufiana says Akka, it’s her voice. It’s that sweet voice, that’s asking for someone.

“Bye Angela”, I said, As I walked inside my house. I straight went into the kitchen. It’s been a long day, i said to my mom. I know! She replied back.

I walked back into the hall. Sufi was there. She looked at me. She was laughing so bright, that her face almost twinkled. It looked as if she had just found something that she had been looking for since days – me. I couldn’t resist. I literally pounced over her, to give her a huge squashy kiss. She invited me to play with her. While we watched a movie, i was so wanting to cuddle her up that i kissed her ATLEAST 20 times.

“Pari, Sufi wants to play  with you”. It was my Papa. He was calling me. I was having bath, and he needed someone to take care of Sufi. “Almost done”! I called out. After my bath, I was again with Sufi. Me and my Grandma watched a nice movie, and then, i sat down to write this post.

Yep. Sister love is, yeah I know—neither a brother and sister can share that bond between themselves as sisters do. Hey, i’m not bragging here, you know. All I think is the way a sister loves a sister, NOBODY else can, in this world.

Really, sister love is precious. I  will love Sufiana wherever i’m in this world.

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  1. Madhu says:

    Oh so sweet a post! You are right, sister love is the best and the most precious of all. I have a sister too and reading your post made me nostalgic. Muah to the little one.

  2. Sharmila says:

    i loved reading your post. And that name is terrific! Mharo Musho! Such a solid yummy name. Your sister bonding journey has just begun and it’s a beautiful one. No bond like a sis-sis bond 🙂

  3. Miquela says:

    Soëlie loves her little brother, but she has never stopped asking us for a sister. This post makes me wish she could have one. 🙂

    I love the name Mharo Musho.

    • Parinita says:

      Yes, Miquela. I understand Soëlie’s feelings. When Sufiana was in Mamma’s womb, I used to always pray that it will be a girl not a boy. And I have it – Sufiana 🙂

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