8 Months With This Jovial Soul!

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Tinker Earth sisterly love and bond

Different Expressions of sufi!


Time passes by so fast isn’t it? Just some days back Sufiana was seven months, and now she’s eight! All these eight months have been so beautiful, with this little soul. you cant believe it. We had so many plans to do this day, but you know why we just thought to keep it simple?

I had many ideas of making a Cupcake. And stuff, but we didn’t. You know why? If we made a Cupcake that won’t do Sufiana any good, because we won’t give her a piece, as it contains different things, which are not good for Babies. Like Baking soda, and a lot more. And we may needing 2-3 hours to make it. So all that time, someone needs to be taking Sufiana, and she will get bored. As pappa was also not there. She cannot eat it, nor make it. So whats the point? It will be fun for us maybe, not for her.. We will make it then it eat it also. And it is not our birthday its hers. What do you think Readers?

Well, feeling little sad, today i remembered that i had this Art Class, i have every Wednesday. So i had to leave before 3 for it. And, today Papa wasn’t home too. And i had gone to my Art Class, so i knew i wouldn’t get too much time to spend time with Sufi.

And, today we gave her our landline phone  this afternoon, the big one with all those soft feather touch buttons, i thought that would keep her busy for less than half an hour or so, but it didn’t keep her busy for even 5 mins as she was curious to see more! I cant tell you how active she is, she crawls all over the place, and pees everywhere! And since 5-10 days she is saying ‘Ma, Ma’ from morning, till night, and she also knows the meaning of it now, Ma means mamma! That’s why whenever she’s sleepy, she calls out- Ma, mum, mum, mum… But the surprising thing is, she calls everyone mamma, as she doesn’t know what to call me, although i keep saying Di, or Pai, or Pari in front of her. So she calls me the same, – Ma, Ma.

I feel so happy to have this little soul with me. Sometimes i tell mamma, that i wish Sufiana would be one year, so she would talk, walk, sit,. It’d be so much fun! But then sometimes i think, she should stay like this – small. That’s what mamma used to think for me, when somebody asked my age, my mom said 8. And the next second she was not able to believe i have become so big already! Sometimes, she wishes i would be the same tiny baby as i was before.

I just cant even think how fun my life will be when sufi will get slightly bigger, and i keep dreaming that i am taking her out in a pram… Playing with her, running after her…. Its gonna be so much fun! But when it tell this to mamma, i also tell her that when she’ll finally be 1 year old I might wish it was so awesome when she was smaller! And mamma used to tell me this when sufi was not born, and tells me now, too, if sufi will insist that Pari feeds her, will you?And my answer is the same, Yes. Because i have NEVER fed anyone! And sometimes, i am pretty excited to do that. Infact, when i was small, i used to forcibly feed my mamma!

But my mom knows, my answer may not ALWAYS be yes. But oh, i forgot to tell you, when my mom asked the similar question but in a slightly different way. I gave a different answer. Her question was, “Pari if you’re busy doing your art and Sufiana comes and tell you to feed her. What will you do?” Here was my answer.

“Ah! Okay this time its no. Because i don’t like anyone disturbing me while i am doing my art”.

That’s it readers. I will share more posts about sufi soon. Tell me what you feel about this post in the comments. I’ll be waiting for them:-)

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  1. Mami says:

    Lovely post Pari! I can so much relate to what you and mumma discuss and how you feel for Sufi :). Even I feel the same for Sarah. Sometimes I feel that when she grows up a little, she can be my soul friend (like you and mumma are) and sometimes when I see her I want her to be this small or even smaller. What I have learnt is that every stage is so beautiful in itself that we should just enjoy it as far as possible. You are right, spending time in baking cakes or cup cakes for Sufi and she getting bored makes no sense. Even I never baked on Sarah’s birthdays as I felt the same. I feel like meeting you guys so much. Missing you all. Love you.

    • Pari says:

      I am happy you understood what i meant:) We should not think about sooner or later, just think about the present and feel good. Everything in life can’t be perfect isn’t it? So enjoy where you are:)

      Even i am wanting to meet you guys a lot!

  2. Mannu says:

    Hey Tingu-ram,

    I just loved reading this post – or rather let me say, reading your thoughts about your little sister Sufi 🙂 I can see how much you are relishing the time you’re spending with her and enjoying her little beautiful things. I’m imagining how awesome a sight it must be to watch the two of you play together! In a matter of few weeks, she’ll start running around after you, and sometimes not let you do your own things because she would want to play with you all the time! Ha-ha! The fun will continue!

    I can totally understand what you’re saying about her growing up, but then like you have said, these moments are also so special.. and these will never come back. I remember when you were a tiny little kid and used to narrate all kinds of funny stories to us – those are all beautiful memories that we will all cherish 🙂 Do you remember the story about your then best friend “hanuman” who went to fly a plane and then ended up with one heck of an adventure! 😉 Hahahaha! I’m actually bursting out laughing now as I write this! You were so hilarious, Tingu-ram!

    Hope to see you soon my li’l friend – I miss you! Have loads of fun, and keep writing and sharing pictures! 🙂

    Love and hugs!

    • Pari says:

      Ah yes! I totally remember those days when i was a story teller! Remembering all those memories and talking about those old things are fun! And i still love telling tales about each and everything! Even mamma tells me, how i used to tell stories, and you all used to listen to it so carefully..! And many times we just spend times looking at my childhood photos and remembering how i used to look. And she also tells me stories when we used to travel with me.. And i love hearing to all those old stories:) But not only that, every morning i ask mamma to tell me her childhood stories! About balasur, and how there was that old scary woman near your house called Guruwari! Believe me i love those!

      Yes that right! Sometimes sufi will ask me to play when i will be doing my work! And i may have to play with her all the time!

      I cant wait to see what happens some years down the line…!


  3. Kuhoo says:

    Hey Pari,
    Such a lovely post. The pictures of Sufi are so adorable that I cant stop wishing to play with her. Next time I am in Goa, I am definitely going to visit your place & meet all you divine souls 🙂
    Wish you & your family lots of love & happiness!

    • Pari says:

      Thank you Kuhoo. I created that collage on top by Picasa. And i also saw your song on Facebook and loved it! Nice voice you have:) Sure we will be waiting for you to visit us!
      And also, actually Kuhoo, my real name is Parinita, so you can call me Parinita:)

      Keep Reading:)

  4. Priya Desikan says:

    Dear Pari

    Lovely expression of your feelings in words! I enjoyed reading post! The excitement and joy of having Sufi around seems infectious as I found myself smiling at every line 🙂

    I love what you said about enjoying where you are now in life….that is a very profound thought and so so true. Enjoy your time with Sufi and here’s wishing you a lifetime full of joyous, precious moments together!



    • Pari says:

      Hello Priya, Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts here.

      Even i like that line of enjoy where you are:) And you’re right, it true:)

      And also, actually my real name is Parinita, so i would like you to call me that:)


  5. Priya Desikan says:

    Sorry! You know what? I actually thought your name was Pari….and also because you remind me of one! (a little fairy/angel) 🙂 But now that I know your real name (also so beautiful!), I will use that. Thank you for letting me know and enjoy blogging!

  6. Sadhana Bhagwat says:

    Nice post Pari! You have expressed yourself so well. The pictures are all so lovely. Sufi mari really has a lot of expressions and you have captured them so well. I was trying to think who she looked like and I find that she looks so much like your naani in that picture in the centre. Don’t you think so.
    Keep up the writing and keep us informed about all the lovely things out there. take care

    • Pari says:

      Hi Sadhi Atte! Yes, i made this collage on top at Picasa. Even i like it! Oh yes, she does look bit like my nani in that picture. You can Subscribe to know whenever a new post comes. but only if you have a email id. Then it will send you a link in your gmail. Thank you for commenting:) And also, atte you can also call me Parinita as thats my real name:)

      Love and Hugs!

  7. Mami says:

    This post is almost like seeing Sufi baby in front of us! I came back again today to read this one. The cutest line is “I cant tell you how active she is, she crawls all over the place, and pees everywhere! “.

    These blog posts about Sufi are truly the best gift you are giving to her!

    • Pari says:

      Yes, i think when sufi will grow up i will show her this and she will feel so good that i wrote all these posts about her! Even i keep coming back to see the top pic. And love it! Thanks, i wrote that line myself:)

      Cheers to you too!:)

  8. Madhu says:

    Lovely post Pari. You are such a darling big sister. I bet the little Sufi must be thinking the exact same thing, “I cant wait to talk and walk so that I can talk/walk with my di”.
    She is looking so cute in all the pictures. They grow up so fast isnt it? She is already 8 months!

    Again, a lovely post.


    • parinita says:

      Thanks a lot Madhu. I am happy to take the responsibility of being a big sister. Again, it’s lot of fun and work too:) Happy to look at your comment:)

      And yes, you can call me Parinita, as that’s my real name.


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