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Ever since Papa told me about this online learning resource called Khan Academy, i have been hooked to it. I mostly learn Math here but you can also learn geography, science, english language, evolution, and a lot more. They teach everything in fun and interactive ways.

Just like in games, there are levels for your skills and practice, level one, level two, and you keep practicing until you get mastery. There are badges also. You earn badges if you do something correct. There are different types of badges for your skills good, very good, and finally mastery challenge badge. Which is the toughest. There are also fun videos to watch if you get stuck and cannot solve a problem.  If you are practicing a lot then you will get lots of scores. There are different subjects for you to learn.

One video that I found very interesting is of Math In Nature. 


If the skill which you want is not there you can also add one. And do it.

Do you know of any other website for me to me to learn in a fun interactive way?

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  1. Prema says:

    Hi Pari,

    First of all, you are an amazing writer. I have been reading your blogs and I would like to tell you that you are a PARI (Pretty, Artistic, Realistic, Intelligent&Inquisitive). I came across your blog when your Dad posted it on Facebook ( I was your Dad’s classmate from college SIT).

    Here are some links that you can check out!
    BrainPop (

    Good luck with your writing spree and look forward to more…


    • Pari says:

      Hi Prema, Thank you. For the comment. Yes you are right i am a big fan of writing, making art, and reading:-) Wow! I didn’t know you are my papa’s classmate! Wonderful news.:-) My mom told me when i was reading your comment. Thank you for the links. I will check those out. I love brain quiz. I have maybe seen the website called Brain Pop. My mom shared it with me. I will keep writing:-)

      Keep reading.:-) Pari

  2. Pratibha Agarwal says:

    HI Pari
    I logged into the website but could not find this link”Math in Nature” can u please share the steps how to go for this link on website…

    • Pari says:

      Oops! Sorry maybe you are clicking at the photo of khan academy aren’t you? That is not the link! You have to click on Math In Nature. In the post you can see the Math And Nature link i have given it is is blue colored and is bold.

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